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January 25, 2008

100 Reasons I’m pumped about the Buckeyes…part 2

Alright OSU fans! We are 3 days away from the 2007 season, and I am ready for a tough, hard fought Buckeye victory! Unfortunately, that won’t […]
January 25, 2008

Weekend Recap…Buckeyes win, Tribe takes 2 of 3, michigan still sucks

Wow what a weekend! The Indians take 2 from the White Sox, and maintain their lead in the Central. A gem of a game pitched by […]
January 25, 2008

Buckeyes feast on Golden Gopher

So when the game first came on, Mrs. Adjustment said “Are the Buckeyes playing the McDonald’s All-Americans?” How would you answer that? “No, that’s Minnesota. I’m […]
January 25, 2008

Antonio Henton arrested…

Ohio State freshman QB Antonio Henton was arrested Monday night on charges of soliciting a prostitute, the Columbus Dispatch is reporting. Henton pleaded not guilty to […]
January 25, 2008

100 Reasons I’m Pumped About the Buckeyes Season…part 1

Here are some things about the upcoming season that get me all tingly. No stickers on the helmet for the first game. I’m a Uni-nerd. The […]
January 16, 2008

Radical new college football plan

Georgia’s President Michael Adams has a beef with the NCAA and Ohio State. Ok, Mr. Adams here’s a new plan… This story has been ongoing since […]
January 15, 2008

“Overrated” Buckeyes down right offensive

Now that was quite a performance from the Buckeye offense. Touchdown drives of 80, 87 and 91 yards in that noisy stadium sure impressed me. 200 […]
January 15, 2008

So now we just wait on Pryor…

James Laurinaitis is coming back for his senior year. Sorry about your luck Michigan. So let’s get this straight- The Buckeyes will return 9 starters on […]
January 15, 2008

Carmen Ohio, a capella

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuuqEmK9c00] Buckeye Commentary brought to our attention that the Ohio State band did not travel to Penn State on Saturday. According to Buckeye lineman Kirk Barton […]