Waiting For Next Year (WFNY™) is an independent website dedicated to Cleveland and Ohio State sports, owned and operated by Waiting For Next Year, LLC. It was formed in January 2008 when the authors of three of Cleveland’s finest sports blogs decided to combine their efforts into one cohesive site to better serve the readers and fans of the area’s sports teams. WFNY’s mission statement is to provide fans with unique perspectives and insights, daily news briefs, recaps and previews as well as entertaining and informative special features and columns. If you have any questions, comments, complaints, praises, concerns and/or issues about this site, its authors or anything else pertaining to WFNY, please feel free to either use the comments section below or drop an email to any of the authors and we will be more than happy to listen to whatever it is you have to say.


Scott Sargent (scott@waitingfornextyear.com)

Born and raised in northeastern Ohio, Scott has been through the same thick and thin that the majority of his generation has endured. Too young to remember most of the Kardiac Kids, but old enough to recall the exact words that came out of his father’s mouth during The Fumble.

Said words are not suitable for WFNY print, however they have instilled the spirit of Cleveland fandom that he still holds to this day. Whether it is Mesa blowing a save, Ehlo not having six-foot long arms, or John Elway being John Elway…It’s all fuel for what ultimately comes out every day on this site. A bitter fuel, but one that will make that championship that much better once it arrives. Whenever that may be.

In March 2010, Scott was voted “Ohio’s Best Sports Blogger” by FOX Sports Ohio, the flagship television network for the Cleveland Cavaliers. His work has been featured on Cleveland.com, FoxSports.com, SBNation, ESPN.com, Yahoo! Sports, SI.com and various other sites throughout the Intrawebs.

Andrew Schnitkey (andrew@waitingfornextyear.com)

Andrew grew up in a small town in northwest Ohio, where his father passed on to him the love of both Ohio State and all Cleveland sports teams. This love of Ohio State sports is part of what drove Andrew to attend The Ohio State University from 1998 to 2003, where he was fortunate enough to see the basketball team make a terrific run to the Final Four in 1999 and the football team win a miraculous national championship in 2002 (well, technically 2003). Upon graduation from OSU, Andrew landed a job in Columbus and resides there today.

Andrew’s first memories of sports include debacles such as The Drive, The Fumble and The Shot. Later memories include The Jose Mesa debacle, multiple crushing loses to Michigan, the 1998 Michigan State game, the Modell move, the 1999 AL Divisional Series loss to Boston, the 1995 World Series spanking, the 2007 ALCS, two straight football national championships losses, the basketball national championship loss, the 2007 NBA Finals sweep, the 10-6 failure and the 2003 AFC Wild Card loss to Pittsburgh. It was in this climate and under these conditions that Andrew decided he needed an outlet for his frustrations and perspective on these teams, and so in October of 2007 he started the Cleveland Sports Authority site. Now, Andrew intends to continue providing the same kind of well-researched, in-depth coverage that he did at CSA to this site.

Podcast host/Co-Owner

Craig Lyndall (craig@waitingfornextyear.com)

Craig gained his love for Cleveland sports, like most Cleveland fans, at a very young age by way of his father. But Craig didn’t gain a true perspective of what it means to be a Cleveland fan until he left the friendly confines of northeast Ohio for Boston University. There Craig met many East Coast sports fans and learned a lot about what it means to have pride in a disrespected city. If Craig seems argumentative sometimes, it is because he has had a lot of experience arguing, most commonly with Yankees and Red Sox fans.

Craig is now back in the safe haven of the Cleveland’s eastern suburbs where he enjoys many hobbies including music and pretending to be a real sportswriter. As a blogging veteran who now concentrates on sports, Craig is a generalist, but the Indians are probably most securely in his wheelhouse. He doesn’t believe in curses — except when he does. He is not superstitious unless the seat he is sitting in feels unlucky. Consistently inconsistent would be a fair description of Craig, but he would certainly argue the point.


Rick Grayshock (rick@waitingfornextyear.com)

Some kids had fancy posters of Walter Payton and Jerry Rice hanging on their walls as a kid. Rick used to cut out pictures of Browns’ defensive linemen from the newspaper and tape them to his. That will probably tell you more about him than anything else a bio ever could. Rick is originally from Akron, Ohio. He grew up memorizing stats for names such as Sipe, Byner, Kosar, Swindell, Tabler, Carter, Price, Daugherty, Nance, etc. Every Friday night he went to a high school game. Every Saturday afternoon was Ohio State football. The Browns ruled Sunday. During the winter, when there was no football to watch, he cut his teeth on a crappy Cavs team that eventually gave the Bulls a run for their money. The Indians were a summer fling until the Browns were kidnapped in the middle of the night. Then the Indians were the only game in town, and he learned how exciting the whole baseball season could be.

“When the Browns had Denver pinned at the 2-yard line, my dad called me screaming from work. He said we were going to hop on a plane and get tickets to the Super Bowl.” Rick is still waiting…