The NBA is the best: While We’re Waiting

I knew I wanted to write about Channing Frye in this morning’s WWW. After the conclusion of the 2018-19 Cleveland Cavaliers season which marked the end of Frye’s career, it would have been a perfect time to do so. With that said, WFNY’s own Andrew Schnitkey did an outstanding job covering Frye’s final game and all he meant to the Cavs, both this season and back in 2016.

While I didn’t plan on writing about Frye or anything NBA related because I didn’t want to just repeat everything that Andrew said, those thoughts somewhat changed once Magic Johnson had his impromptu, 45-minute press conference in Los Angeles. Somehow, that kind of overshadowed Channing Frye, Dwyane Wade, and Dirk Nowitzki retiring.

What a crazy night it was.

Channing Frye

Much like I wrote earlier this week about Ohio State’s Joey Lane, stats and the box score having nothing to do with what Channing brought to the Cavs. The humor, the laughs, the comradery. He had a special way of bringing everyone together which was most noticeable in 2016, when the Cavs, you know, won it all. In case you might have forgotten about that season, this season was yet another great example. The Cavs just finished with the fourth-worst record in franchise history yet after they lost in the season finale Tuesday night, they were joking around and tackling Channing. It’s because of the type of person he is.

Some of my favorite videos from the past couple games, ones that celebrated Frye:

There was just something about him as both a player and a person that was so easy to love and root for and because of that, Frye will be greatly missed on the hardwood.

NBA Champion Channing Frye has a nice ring to it. He played a key role in the championship, even if the stats might not prove it.

Cleveland meant so much to him, but little did Channing know, he meant even more to Cleveland.

Dwyane Wade

It’s weird, Wade is a Cavalier lifer and yet he retired as a member of the Heat? But seriously, it’s crazy that D-Wade is old enough to hang it up. One of the best two-guards in NBA history, he brought so much to the league and dominated during his prime. In his final home game Tuesday night, he went off for 30 points. It was perfect.

Some of my favorite videos celebrating his retirement:

Dirk Nowitzki

Twenty-one seasons. The craziest part: All 21 were spent with the Dallas Mavericks. That’s insane, especially in this day and age. Dirk, who officially called announced that he will retire following Tuesday night’s game, spent his entire career on one team and became one of the best forwards to ever suit up. He, like D-Wade, scored 30 points in his final home game.

While doing so much for the NBA, he did so much for his native Germany as well. In case you haven’t cried or gotten the goosebumps watching any of the videos above, these Dirk ones might get to you. They sure got to him.

Magic Johnson…resigned?

Last, but certainly not least, what a night it was in Los Angeles. Prior to the Lakers game, Lakers president Magic Johnson had an impromptu press conference with the media. At the beginning of it, he announced that he was resigning from his position, something that caught everyone besides Magic himself off guard. He didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want any of it to leak prior to Tuesday night, heck, he didn’t even tell Lakers owner Jeanie Buss. Magic didn’t want to hurt her because the two have such a good, close relationship so instead he wanted her to find out during the press conference as well, just like the rest of us.

Why the resignation, you ask? It seems as though Magic was tired of not being able to mentor other team’s players due to the league’s tampering rule and he also missed tweeting and talking about any NBA player he wanted to.

It was one of the most bizarre announcements that I can remember, one that knew one expected whatsoever. There were even reports out Tuesday morning that said Buss had full confidence in Magic heading into the offseason and even that Magic met with LeBron and his agent, Rich Paul, this weekend and gave no indication that he would be stepping down. Well, that sure has changed. The Lakers have been quite the mess all season and somehow, that mess got even messier. Luckily for LeBron, he signed a four-year contract with Los Angeles last summer.

What a night it was in the NBA. While the Magic news somewhat overshadowed the others, it sure shouldn’t have because the Cavs, Heat, and Mavericks did an outstanding job honoring three players that have meant so much to their respective franchises. Here’s to hoping Channing, D-Wade, and Dirk each enjoy their retirement. They deserve it.