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The Dery Brothers Tribecast is here: While We’re Waiting…

Happy Friday everyone. Sorry, I’m late!

The year is flying by already, but in many ways, I don’t feel like I’ve started it yet. Don’t tell that to the Brothers Dery. They’ve been busy and that’s where I want to start today.

You know how much we all love and miss TD writing about the Tribe on these pages. He used to chronicle the Tribe like nobody else right here at WFNY. And while the traditional game recap, or “gamer,” has never been less relevant in the sports media landscape, in-depth sports talk is as important as ever.

That’s why I was psyched when TD reached out to me to tell me that he and his brother were going to do a weekly podcast about the Tribe. That’s why I jumped at the chance to put that sucker on the WFNY podcast feed. Along with the Friday Fumble’s consistently hysterical parody, including special guest appearances by Hard Knocks legends, I absolutely love having other voices on our podcast channel.

In case you missed it, the Dery Brothers are already up to Episode 3 of The Dery Brothers Tribecast. So, check it out. Tell a friend it’s happening. If you’re listening to it in the Overcast app, hit that star rating while you’re doing so, so other people may find it as well.

I also got back into the podcasting game this week. There’s a pretty well-known insurance industry podcaster named Joey Giangola, who also happens to live right here in Northeast Ohio. I grabbed him this week after a meeting to talk Cleveland sports for a little bit. Much like me, Joey has an extensive background writing, podcasting and generally “producing content,” as it were. It was a lot of fun to chat him up, so who knows? Maybe there will be some sports talk in Joey’s future right here within the friendly confines of WFNY.

Thanks so much for reading and listening.