The Golden State Warriors need to stop crying—again

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We all know what took place the night of June 19, 2016. The Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 series lead in the NBA Finals and the Cavaliers brought Cleveland it’s first major sports championship since 1964.

Following that debacle by the Warriors, Draymond Green — the same guy that was suspended for one game during that Finals series and talks trash to his opponent more often than he actually scores a basket — sat in the Oracle Arena parking lot and called Kevin Durant while sobbing. It was to lure the free agent to Golden State because Green (and probably the rest of the Warriors) knew that they needed the second-best player in the league in order to beat the LeBron James-led Cavs when the wine and gold were at 100 percent. Durant did just that later that summer.

Fast forward to 2019 and the Warriors are crying again, but this time about a much worse Cavaliers squad. Yes, Golden State is complaining about a team who currently owns the NBA’s worst record at 8-33 and is on a 10-game losing streak. This time around, it’s about Cleveland signing former Warriors guard Patrick McCaw to an offer sheet on December 28. With the Warriors not matching the two-year, $6 million offer sheet, he officially signed with the Cavs. It was quite a bizarre signing for the wine and gold.

The signing raised plenty questions across the league and many thought that they could have just been doing McCaw a favor in order to get him out of Golden State due to him being a restricted free agent and due to the fact that he no longer wanted to be with the Warriors. The potential problem seems to be that the Cavs then waived McCaw just three games after signing him, right before his non-guaranteed contract would have become guaranteed for the 2018-19 season. For that, the Warriors sent a request to the NBA to review everything that took place involving McCaw.

The good news for the Cavs is that their mess of a roster so far this season will prove to be in their favor in this case. One of the many reasons the Cavs have struggled so far this season is due to all of their injuries, especially to stars such as Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. Most recently, players such as Matthew Dellavedova, David Nwaba, Rodney Hood, and a handful of others have all missed time due to an injury. Along with having a number of two-way contracts on the roster, signing McCaw made sense, giving the team a healthy player who could blossom into a something more. But in this case, those injuries could prove to be the reason(s) why the Cavs won’t be disciplined by the NBA for this McCaw situation.

The possible bad news is that if Cleveland is found guilty of signing McCaw just to waive him so he could be an unrestricted free agent and get out of Golden State, they would face a very stiff penalty from the NBA, one that could even include losing their first-round pick in the upcoming draft this summer. That, obviously, would be a huge loss given the fact that the Cavs will likely have a top-five pick.

Luckily, the latter seems like a far-fetched outcome. Unless McCaw and his agent tell the NBA that the two had an agreement with the Cavs that he would be waived shortly after being signed to a non-guaranteed deal, there’s not much the league can do. Whether it was orchestrated or not, that’s all the guard, the agent, on the Cavaliers have to tell the NBA in order to abide by the rules and keep the Warriors quiet.

What’s so ironic about this is that the Warriors are crying about the Cavs signing a guy that they were not only never going to sign, but that didn’t want to be in Golden State anymore and was only going to get $6 million throughout the entire two-year contract. Meanwhile, Golden State signed All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins to a one-year, $5.3 million deal this past summer. Achilles injury or not, a number of teams would have signed the big man to a maximum deal, but instead he went to Golden State on a deal that makes him just the 193rd-highest paid player in the league. Yet, the Warriors are worried about McCaw? Alrighty then.

Golden State may be one of the best teams in the league and could potentially make their fifth-straight appearance in the NBA Finals and possibly win their third straight championship, but it seems as though they are worried about something that doesn’t really matter considering they never wanted to bring McCaw back in the first place.

Maybe they should focus on what goes on on the court rather than the moves that the worst team in the league (at least record-wise) is doing. Then again, the Cavs have seemingly held real estate in the heads of every member of the Warriors ever since June 19, 2016. That seems to remain true even though LeBron is no longer with the Cavs. It truly is amazing that a team that has dominated the NBA as much as they have continues to be worried about Cleveland. Then again, they have for nearly three years now so it’s only right that it continues.

Anyone know if Draymond was the one who called the league office to complain about the McCaw situation while crying in the Oracle Arena parking lot? Just asking for a friend.