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Ohio State releases trailer for matinee game at Maryland

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The leaves falling. The scarves. The hats. The staredown. Everything about the beginning of the video trailer gives the viewer a cold, intense feeling.

Throughout much of the season, the Ohio State Buckeyes video and graphics team uses a number of highlights from previous games. This one was different. Every highlight and every second of video that was shown in this most recent trailer was from the Buckeyes win over Michigan State in East Lansing last Saturday.

It was a big win for the scarlet and gray and that alone proves just that. With that said, Ohio State doesn’t seem to be celebrating the big-time road win. Instead, they are focused on Maryland, which will be their last road game of the regular season this Saturday afternoon.

“College football in November. You’ll never forget this one,” head coach Urban Meyer tells his team. “When I needed you the most in November, you gave me your very best.”

While Meyer is proud of his team’s effort against the Spartans, he and the rest of the coaching staff and team know that they have to continue to look forward. That also means that they can’t look past Maryland and look ahead to The Game, which is in just nine days.

“We’re going to play, we’re going to coach, with energy and I mean ridiculous, ridiculous effort,” strength coach Mickey Marotti says. “Everybody get it? It is time. …When you wake up tomorrow, you’ll be so proud of you, your unit, and your brothers because of how hard you played.”

We already know that the Wolverines will be a much stiffer test for the Buckeyes than in years past. In fact, some even believe that Michigan will beat Ohio State in Columbus this season and are confident in believing so. With that said, the scarlet and gray can’t look past Maryland, no matter how much they are looking forward to their biggest rival.

Ohio State not only needs to win this Saturday but blow out Maryland in order to impress the Playoff committee. Style points matter, especially when you’re the 10th-ranked team in the country. In case the Buckeyes need to get amped for Saturday’s game, they can feel free to watch this excellent trailer.

It really is crazy that there are just two regular-season games remaining. College football season flies by. The Buckeyes and Terrapins kick off at 12 p.m. ET on Saturday.

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