The Browns offensive line deserves credit

Frank Victores/AP

The Cleveland Browns are on a two game win streak after beating the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, 35-20. The Browns offense has really taken off over the past couple weeks with the unit posting 28 and 35 points in the last two games. Quarterback Baker Mayfield has been excellent over that time, completing 36 of 46 passes for 474 yards and seven touchdowns. He has been masterful as the Browns signal caller over the last couple games.

Another reason for the improved offense can be laid on the shoulders of new Browns offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens. Kitchens has taken over the Browns offense and put together a scheme that fits the personnel so much better. He is using up tempo play calling and has figured out where he is strongest and weakest on the unit, devising a plan to coordinate what works best. He is making things comfortable for Mayfield, putting him in scenarios he strives in, including getting the ball out quickly. Kitchens deserves credit for the offensive improvement.

But, the unsung hero in the improved offense is the Browns offensive line. The much-maligned line struggled mightily over the first many weeks of the season. Though, over the past couple of weeks, the Browns line is playing really well. This unit deserves credit for the offensive success.

The Browns offensive line is rolling in pass protection. In the last two games, the line has allowed zero sacks. According to Pro Football Focus, the Browns offensive line has allowed a total of 12 pressures over the last two games, including just four pressures against Cincinnati. For comparison, Myles Garrett had 12 registered quarterback pressures against the Bengals by himself.

Mayfield is getting time in the pocket to look over his progressions and find open targets when the first option is not available. He is not forced to rush his throws, which can cause mistakes and turnovers. The time Mayfield is getting in the pocket is allowing him to read the defense and pick them apart without having to deal with traffic all around him.

The offensive line is also playing solidly in the run game. In 89 attempts over the last three games, the Browns run game has amassed 397 yards and three touchdowns. The run game is averaging 4.46 yards per carry over that time. The Browns run game is keeping defenses honest and making the Browns offense a complete unit.

It is not a coincidence that the Browns offensive line play has not only improved since the change at offensive coordinator, but also with the change at left tackle. The Browns have replaced the struggling Desmond Harrison with Greg Robinson at left tackle. Robinson has played better than Harrison and has solidified the position that was the biggest hole on the offense. Robinson has not been perfect, but he has been an OK starter, allowing just six pressures in his three games as starter, including zero pressures allowed against the Bengals, according to Pro Football Focus. It is still way too early to figure out if he is the future of the left tackle position, but he has been good enough to help settle the offensive line down after a rough start to the season. Robinson deserves credit for his play and his impact to the offensive line. The Browns interior offensive line was already a strength, so getting the left tackle spot under control has made this line a much more complete and successful unit.

There are many reasons for why the Browns offense is playing well over the last couple weeks. The Browns rookie duo of Mayfield and running back Nick Chubb are on a roll. The offensive play calling is much improved. But, the play of the offensive line should be understated. The offensive line deserves some accolades.