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Nick Chubb’s 92-yard touchdown is longest run in Browns history


Freddie Kitchens has made the Cleveland Browns offense fun again.

Thanks to a 92-yard touchdown run by running back Nick Chubb, the Browns just took a 28-10 lead over the Atlanta Falcons. It is the longest run in team history.1 He may have only ran a 4.52 40 at the NFL Draft Combine, but the rookie clearly has that elite top-end speed that’s needed as a skill player in the NFL.

If you were just started watching the Browns on Sunday, you’d think that they have one of the best offenses in the NFL. Whether it’s the playcalling, using new formations, rookies Baker Mayfield or Chubb both playing well, or something else, Cleveland’s offense has been really exciting to watch this afternoon. Chubb’s long touchdown run just added to that excitement.

Many people questioned the Browns trading Carlos Hyde to the Jaguars for a fifth-round pick, but Chubb has made the most of his increased role. Questioning the decision to trade the veteran wasn’t wrong. Without Hyde, Cleveland no longer had any depth in the backfield. If Chubb or Duke Johnson were to somehow get injured,2 the team would essentially be down to one legitimate running back. With that said, Chubb has only gotten better with increased opportunities and more experience.

The more playing time these young players receive, the better they will get. Also, the more they play together, the more chemistry they will gain. Both of those things seem to be the case, especially against the Falcons. Chubb has found holes and used his speed to make big plays, Mayfield has completed 16 passes to nine different receivers, and the offensive line is playing very well. Maybe a change at offensive coordinator was truly all the Browns needed this season.

Whether it’s the playcalling or the players just becoming more comfortable with Kitchens leading the offense, the change was not only needed, but it seems as though the new offensive coordinator is making quite a name for himself less than two full games into his time as the play-caller. The biggest thing about this season is that the Browns need to continue to improve as the season rolls along. That seems to be the case this Sunday.

  1. The previous long a 90-yard run by Bobby Mitchell on November 15, 1959 against the Washington Redskins. []
  2. Knock on wood that neither of those things happens. []