Are we really talking about this?

AP Photo/Amy Sancetta

Are we really talking about this shit? That Condoleezza* Rice was, if only for a moment in the form of a weird misleading tweet, potentially maybe a candidate to be the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns? This is how we’re spending our bye-week Sunday?

*That’s C-O-N-D-O-L-E-E-Z-Z-A. Two e’s, two z’s. Edwin Encarnacion, ZZ Top. Condi acceptable on secondary usage, I say.

The early games are barely at halftime and this thing is going through the whole cycle. Adam Schefter tweeted it out. People made jokes and did some dunking vis-à-vis the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (now on their third president!). Most everyone agreed that it was a ludicrous idea, but also that it was a fun thing to skewer.

It got enough traction that Rice and John Dorsey issued statements saying no, the 66th U.S. Secretary of State becoming the 21st Cleveland Browns Head Coach was not a prospect of mutual interest.

And, like, of course it isn’t. It shouldn’t be. That much is self-evident. She was a member of the college football playoff committee, I suppose, but for all we know Condi has all the X’s and O’s savvy of Ken Carman’s next caller. A person with minimal experience in a field beyond Being A Fan Of It should not be given a very prominent position in said field on a whim. (Happy belated Election Day.)

It’s all just a big dumb thing, and I hope we’re just cracking jokes here. Let’s not get too upset about it. There are surely broader conversations to be had, about women working in the NFL and are teams skirting the Rooney Rule, and having conversations about race and gender and opportunity in sports and business and life is a good, worthwhile thing. We should all aspire to investing real attention and thought in things beyond football. CONDI RICE TO THE BROWNS? is a dumb jumping-off point is all.

Maybe we’re just bored. Bye weeks are tough. I wish I had more insight. Go Browns.