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Ohio State debuts at No. 10 in first College Football Playoff rankings of 2018 season

AP voters can have their say, coaches can have their say, and even other writers in other polls can have their opinions heard, but the only rankings that truly matter in college football are those orchestrated by the College Football Playoff committee. Those don’t debut until Week 9 of the season, which is finally here. With a 7-1 record, the Ohio State Buckeyes checked in at No. 10 in the first College Football Playoff rankings of the 2018 season, which were revealed Tuesday night.

The Buckeyes may be No. 10 in the first CFP rankings of the season, but if they take care of business and win out, ending the season with only one loss before bowl season, there can easily be an argument made for them to make the Playoff. That would mean they would beat Michigan, who is currently ranked No. 5, along with a quality win over Michigan State and whoever they would take on in the Big Ten Championship game as well. They will need some help along the way, but with other top-10 teams taking on one another along with the other craziness in college football, it’s certainly possible.

While you could say that they don’t deserve a shot in the Final Four because of that ugly loss at Purdue, they can certainly impress the committee if they play well (and win out) the rest of the regular season. Led by Urban Meyer, you can never count the Buckeyes out. The scarlet and gray have to improve many parts of their game, but nothing is impossible. As of now, the Buckeyes shouldn’t worry about their own ranking. Just take care of business on the field and everything else will work itself out.

Many have counted out Ohio State already. I’ve been disappointed with them, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t turn things around, especially with the coaching staff they have combined with the talent on the roster. While where they are ranked is important, there should only be one thing the Buckeyes should be focused on the rest of the season: Win out.

The full Top 25:

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. LSU
  4. Notre Dame
  5. Michigan
  6. Georgia
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Washington State
  9. Kentucky
  10. Ohio State
  11. Florida
  12. UCF
  13. West Virginia
  14. Penn State
  15. Utah
  16. Iowa
  17. Texas
  18. Mississippi State
  19. Syracuse
  20. Texas A&M
  21. NC State
  22. Boston College
  23. Fresno State
  24. Iowa State
  25. Virginia

The remaining regular-season schedules of the teams currently ranked ahead of Ohio State:

  1. Alabama: at No. 3 LSU, vs. No. 18 Mississippi State, vs. The Citadel, vs. Auburn
  2. Clemson: vs. Louisville, at No. 22 Boston College, vs. Duke, vs. South Carolina
  3. LSU: vs. No. 1 Alabama, at Arkansas, vs. Rice, at No. 20 Texas A&M
  4. Notre Dame: at Northwestern, vs. Florida State, vs. No. 19 Syracuse, at USC
  5. Michigan: vs. No. 14 Penn State, at Rutgers, vs. Indiana, at No. 10 Ohio State
  6. Georgia: at No. 9 Kentucky, vs. Auburn, vs. UMass, vs. Georgia Tech
  7. Oklahoma: at Texas Tech, vs. Oklahoma State, vs. Kansas, at No. 13 West Virginia
  8. Washington State: vs. California, at Colorado, vs. Arizona, vs. Washington
  9. Kentucky: vs. No. 6 Georgia, at Tennessee, vs. Middle Tennessee, at Louisville