What I think should be next for the Browns head coach position

Will Lester-Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/SCNG

The Cleveland Browns finally ended the long and tiring charade. On Monday, the Browns announced the firing of Hue Jackson as the head coach of the Browns. The Haslams and John Dorsey finally decided enough is enough, Jackson was not getting the job done. He leaves Cleveland with a putrid 3-36-1 record. Along with Jackson, the Browns let go of offensive coordinator Todd Haley. The organization decided to rid the franchise of the entire rift that was happening on the offensive side of the ball. So, what is next?

Let’s get this out of the way. Gregg Williams is not the Browns future head coach. He is interim coach and that is all. He is just not a head coach. He has so many flaws and these flaws just deal with him as a defensive coordinator. Giving him a bigger role than that would be a huge mistake. So, yeah Williams is not part of the future for the Browns.

So after I got that out of the way, the first order of business should be giving the reigns of the organization to John Dorsey. Dorsey should be able to select his guy and not be forced into another arranged marriage by the Haslams. This is Dorsey’s show. The relationship between a general manager and a head coach should be a symbiotic relationship. The two should be able to work together and have a common goal and vision for the team. This was not the case with Jackson and Dorsey. So, with the head coaching search upon us, Dorsey should be driving the search team to find the next Browns head coach.

So, what do I want in the Browns next head coach? Innovation and youth. I want a coach that will not go by the book of what the NFL has been going by. Innovation is key to being a good coach in the NFL. Look at Sean McVay and even Bill Belichick. McVay has put together a high-powered offense that is slicing through the opposing defenses. Belichick has been successful because he is always looking to change the way he does things and to find new ways to be a successful football team. Innovation is the number one aspect I want in the Browns head coach.

I would also prefer a young, fresh face in the new Browns head coach. I do not want a retread in the likes of Jeff Fisher or Mike McCarthy. Cleveland has a young team with a nucleus that is still developing. I would love to get a coach who can grow with the players. The youth can also rejuvenate the roster that has faced a lot of crap over the past few seasons under Jackson. The Browns should not worry about head coaching experience. Look for the best coach who can drive the young nucleus to the next level.

I would prefer an offensive mind. This is not as important as the innovation aspect, but I just prefer to get someone with a strong mind on the offensive side of the ball. One of the reasons I would go towards the offensive side of the ball is because of quarterback Baker Mayfield. Look at McVay and quarterback Jared Goff. They are both young and bright talents, who are working together in a very close relationship. I want that for Mayfield. I want someone who can challenge Mayfield and will develop with him, as he becomes the franchise’s quarterback. Getting an offensive mind would be good to pair with Mayfield.

So, who do I want? Well, it is way too early to cut the list down or to see who the actual reasonable choices will be. My dream pick is Oklahoma head coach, Lincoln Riley. I love his offensive scheme and mind. He is all about innovation. But, I like Riley even more because of his relationship with Mayfield. Riley knows Mayfield well and can put him in the best position to be successful. Riley is on the top of my list.

The Cleveland Browns finally turned the page on the Hue Jackson era. Be excited Cleveland. The Browns can now put together the right fit in the organization with the selection of their next head coach.