For the first time in a long time, it’s finally OK (and fun) to turn to the Browns

AP Photo/Ron Schwane

The Cleveland Indians lost in Game 3 of the American League Division Series to the Houston Astros, eliminating them from the 2018 MLB playoffs. Baseball season is over in Cleveland, earlier than many anticipated. For many years this would mark the start of NFL draft season and NBA season. But, this season is different. The Cleveland Browns are competing and actually fun to watch on Sundays. It’s a new day in Cleveland football.

For so long, we have been forced to skip the enjoyment of watching professional football in this town after the Indians finished off their run in their season. The Browns have been a chore to watch at times, struggling to show any sort of fun or excitement. By the time the Indians’ season ended, the Browns would, for the past many years, be already a complete mess. We hardly ever turned to the Browns to get us through a tough end of a Tribe season.

But, today is a new day. The Browns are 2-2-1 through five games. Every game was a close battle that could have all gone the way of the Browns. Yes, the Browns have ended three of those games in their usual rough and Brownsy ways, but the season has felt and looked different than the previous many years.

Hope. Browns fans have a lot of hope in this year’s team. But, Browns fans have had hope every season. We have come in and said, “Maybe this is the year we turn it around.” However, the hope is usually gone after just a few games of a season. This year is different. Cleveland has belief in their professional team that they are finally moving in the right direction.

I believe the belief is stemming from many factors like the results of the first five games of the season. But, most of all, I think the fact that Baker Mayfield has shown, in just his short time at the helm of the offense, that he could be the franchise quarterback for the Browns. Cleveland has been looking for someone to take the reigns and be their quarterback to lead them into the future.

The fun is back in Browns football. I truly believe that. We have a quarterback who has been exciting to watch and has helped facilitate two wins in the three games he has played. The defense has a lot of young talent and as a unit, they have kept the Browns in almost every game. On offense, there are some bright young players showing glimpses of promise that could turn this offense into a real exciting threat for years to come.

So, no more looking towards basketball season or the NFL Draft. The Browns are here. They are not a finished product or even a playoff contender. But, the team is fun to watch. And for the many years, we have suffered through some horrid football, that is a great thing to experience. The Indians season is over. It is now Browns season. Enjoy it.