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Enough is enough: Browns fall to Steelers, 33-18, amid coaching disarray

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The Cleveland Browns were throttled by the Pittsburgh Steelers, 33-18, in another miserable day for the Browns at Heinz Field. Cleveland could not do anything against the Steelers defense and that in turn caused the defense to wear out in the second half. The Steelers outgained the Browns 421 total yards to just 237 total yards. The Steelers owned the clock for most of the game as the Steelers had the ball for just over 32 minutes, while the Browns had it for just under 28 minutes. It was another big loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The first half was an up and down performance by the Browns. Cleveland came out in the first quarter playing well on both offense and defense. The Browns shut out the Steelers in the quarter, while the offense notched two field goals. But, the inability of the Browns to get into the endzone caught up to the Browns in the second quarter as the Steelers offense awoke and scored two touchdowns to make it 14-6 halftime deficit for the Browns.

In the second half, the Browns offense could do absolutely nothing when they needed to get going and stay in the game. Cleveland did get two touchdowns in the half, but the Steelers gave them the first touchdown after suffering from a special teams blunder and multiple penalties, while the second one came in the waning moments of the blowout. Besides that drive, the Browns offense was completely overwhelmed by the Steelers defense. Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and running back James Conner helped extend the lead against a tired Browns defense that stayed on the field for almost the entire second half. In the end, the Browns fell to the Steelers, 33-18.

5 Big Things

Change has to be coming

The biggest outcome of this game has to do with the coaching. Change has to be coming as the Browns put together yet another debacle of performance under the leadership of Hue Jackson. Jackson has to go. There needs to be a shake up with this team and that should come at the top in the firing of Hue Jackson. Enough is enough.

No offense

The Browns offense was just atrocious for most of the game. Yes, the Browns got two touchdowns and 18 points, but overall the offense was bad. The first touchdown came with the help of the Steelers’ mishaps, while the second one came when the game was all but over late in the fourth quarter. 237 total yards of offense is not good enough to win against the Steelers. Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield struggled to get anything going as he received little help from his blocking and pass catchers. Here is the interception that Mayfield threw in the first half of the game.

Poor Blocking

The Browns offensive line was horrible. It almost killed Mayfield on a couple occasions and throughout the game it just kept allowing Mayfield to get beat up by the Steelers defense. The Steelers defense had two sacks, but had seven quarterback hits. Cleveland could not get anything going on offense because of the lack of protection the line gave all game. This play summarizes what Mayfield had to deal with in terms of the poor blocking of the Browns offensive line.

Bad tackling

The Browns defense played tough for a lot of the game, but as the game went on, the defense looked like it was wearing down with how much they were forced to play. With that came poor tackling. The Browns struggled to tackle James Conner all day. Here is an example of the bad tackling the Browns defense showed on Sunday.

The Chiefs are next, great

Oh, and guess what? This is coming into Cleveland next week.