Random things before the Browns begin: While We’re Waiting

I’m all previewed out. I don’t have anything to say about the Browns and their matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend other than I am as excited for an opener as I have been in some time. Maybe it makes me stupid coming off of an 0-16 campaign, or maybe John Dorsey, Tyrod Taylor, and Todd Haley’s arrivals really will pay the kinds of dividends that Hue Jackson and I are hoping for in 2018. Regardless, I am not going to try and tell you what will happen. We have lots of preview stuff in the bank over the last couple weeks and a few more things in the hopper, including a return to the WFNY Podcast by the Friday Fumble guys. So let’s spend some time thinking about other cool stuff from around the internet.

Bill Simmons and Bill Burr talk Baker Mayfield and Browns uniforms

Headphones if you are scared of people hearing f-bombs.

Let’s talk about internet monopolies

The Verge has spent many words and podcast minutes to the tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. These companies are dominant platforms that seem to have users locked into a vice grip as they continue to get larger and expand into wider ranges of our everyday lives. There are compelling cases to be made that they are getting too big and too powerful and the United States has a vast history of breaking up monopolies and duopolies or otherwise protecting consumers by limiting corporate power. But there’s a flip side to this whole thing. The tech industry has a history that makes you wonder just how secure even the strongest company’s future could be.

Microsoft was regulated because they got too powerful and abused that power, so they’re a bad example. Despite Microsoft, there was a time when the world wondered if AOL should be allowed to merge with CompuServe. There was a time when the world wondered if Sirius and XM should be allowed to merge. Just because a company looks unbeatable now doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to maintain their lead or otherwise won’t be supplanted by competition in the future.

There’s no conclusion here, but you should read more over at the Verge. It’s a fascinating topic at a fascinating time in the history of the internet.

A Christmas musical film about zombies? OK!

You guys know how much I love to go to the movies. I will find a theater showing this one and make this a really fun date night with my wife.


This video is incredible. Whales!

via Gfycat

The latest pod with Nom

I talked about random sports-adjacent things with Nom last night on the podcast.