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Ohio State releases epic trailer for showdown at Penn State

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If you’re an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, there’s a good chance you don’t need anything to get you ready or motivated for Saturday night. In fact, you’re probably wishing it was already Saturday night, while not trying to wish away the rest of the week and half the weekend. It’s only the fifth week of the college football season, but that doesn’t mean that Saturday night isn’t essentially a must-win for both teams involved. Beating Penn State in Happy Valley is a tough task. Doing so when the Nittany Lions are a top-1o team is even tougher. That’s what the Buckeyes are tasked with Saturday night, without Nick Bosa and in front of a sold-out whiteout crowd, a tradition that seems to have started from the moment Urban Meyer came to Columbus.

In case you do need a little extra something to get you motivated, the Buckeyes’ video and graphics team is here to save you, much like they have throughout this season and in year’s past.

“Eyes right here,” Urban Meyer says in the video. “What are you willing to do for your teammate? With all that brotherhood and trust, everything comes to right now. On the road, right now. What do you want to do for your teammate? You’re really willing to go? You’re really willing to go? Well let’s go in primetime Buckeye style, you got me?”

Saturday night will give Ohio State another opportunity to prove that they are in fact one of the best teams in the country. It may essentially be a Playoff elimination game. Given how weak the bottom of the Big Ten is so far this season, the loser of Saturday night’s matchup will have a long climb up hill if they want to make the Playofff at season’s end. With that said, the Buckeyes will be ready. Will you? I promise you will be once you watch the trailer. Just don’t run yourself into a wall while doing so.

The Buckeyes and Nittany Lions are set to kick off at 7:30 p.m. ET in Happy Valley Saturday night. Is it Saturday yet?

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