There’s a parade for Tristan Thompson punching Draymond Green

The Cavaliers lost in the NBA Finals. The Cavaliers then lost LeBron James. The Cavaliers didn’t lose Tristan Thompson, and apparently at a party after the ESPYs, Tristan put a two-punch combo onto Draymond Green. The world celebrates universal achievements like this, but one Cleveland fan decided to take it to the next level. On Facebook, there’s a parade event scheduled for October 13 in honor of the punch.

Is it real? Who knows, but the organizer did post this image of a printed out parade permit application. So maybe?

I got ahold of the organizer, Connor McKenney. He’s a student at Kent State and I asked him if he was surprised that his event went viral.

“I’m certainly surprised,” said McKenney “but I’m rolling with it now lol”

So you’re trying to put it on for real?

“Absolutely. We’re working out some details now but we are trying to put it on!”

Regardless of anything else, this is what social media should be for. It’s funny. It’s harmless. It’s an off-beat story that helps bring together a fan base that’s been beaten down a bit lately with the departure of LeBron and the crowing from the other coast in Laker land.

The end of the event description made me laugh out loud.

“Bring canned goods I guess. Go Cavs.”

Indeed. Go Cavs.