Receiver Madness: Browns receiver cited for pot on August 5th

The Cleveland Browns had a receiver cited for marijuana possession over the weekend. It wasn’t Josh Gordon! It also wasn’t receiver Corey Coleman, who the Browns essentially cut when they traded him to Buffalo for a seventh-round pick in 2020. No, it was Antonio Callaway, the man who was elevated on the roster and seemingly rendered Corey Coleman’s services so expendable. Numerous media outlets have verified the story, but FOX8 is believed to be the first to report.

The 21-year-old was pulled over on Howe Road in Strongsville at about 3 a.m. Sunday for failing to yield for oncoming traffic.

Officers found a small amount of marijuana under the driver’s seat, according to the police report. Callaway was cited for possession of marijuana and driving under a suspended license.

He’s set to appeared in Strongsville Mayor’s Court Thursday morning.

This is part of life in the NFL, but it’s hard not to think it’s also a part of the “same old Browns.” It’s one thing to have a player pulled over and cited for marijuana. That kind of thing happens, and the tiny amount in possession allows the severity to be that of a ticket in the legal system. Sure, it’s problematic for a player like Callaway who came into the league with an already-checkered past. Callaway missed last season following an investigation into credit card fraud. He’s also been cited for marijuana before and was investigated for an accusation of sexual assault. It’s all really ugly stuff when listed, but the Browns continue to take isolated incidents and Browns them up until they’re especially Brownsy.

This is the guy who was supposed to make Corey Coleman useless. This is the guy who had the Browns dumping a former first-rounder, while they also patiently await the return of Josh Gordon. According to ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi, the Browns may not have been aware of the incident when they executed the trade of Corey Coleman to the Bills despite it happening hours before the trade. That’s just something.

The only bright spot is that the NFL is entertainment, and it’s going to have its moment to shine bright on the small screen as filtered through HBO’s Hard Knocks, which has the historic privilege to capture the Cleveland Browns for the first time. Here, I thought it might finally start to get boring and typical to follow the Cleveland Browns. I thought too soon.