The power of not having an opinion: While We’re Waiting

Sorry for the late WWW today, but I was up late podcasting with Nom last night. That audio is pasted below if you’d like to listen to it. We have a great time recording and I hope it’s half as entertaining to you as it is to me to do them.

The power of not having an opinion…

“Antonio Callaway should be cut right now!” “Josh Gordon should be cut right now!” “Urban Meyer needs to be fired right now!” “The Browns are stupid for trading Corey Coleman for basically nothing!”

I don’t think I’m creating straw men when I put those quotes out there as things that have been said in the last few weeks. The last quote is an extreme version of what I did say about the Corey Coleman trade. I hedged, but I was critical of the trade that basically mirrored cutting a former first-round pick. I’m not living in embarrassment of that take because it was couched in patience and restraint. I know that’s boring and won’t earn me a seat next to Skip or Steven A. but I find there’s power in operating this way.

I used to feel under the gun to have a take on everything all the time. It was a game. Like some kind of improv skill that I wanted to be sharpened to a fine point at all times, like an expert debater who can win no matter what side they’re arguing or something like that. I don’t do that much anymore.

Maybe it’s the amount and speed of opinion in 2018, but I’m content to just wait it out. Jumping to conclusions on sports topics is less rewarding than ever before.

We see it on ESPN as well. They recently made the decision to cancel SportsNation, bring back their noon SportsCenter, and make other changes to their schedule that de-emphasized the talking head, hot take factories that they’d made their new foundation just a few years ago. Granted, it’s a small change. Opinion-based sports shows aren’t going anywhere, but if the overall volume is reduced in the marketplace, it will make me happy.

When everyone is quiet, you need to be loud to stand out. When everyone’s loud, you can’t stand out by shouting even louder. Maybe now that we’re not beholden to time slots and we’ve seemingly finished a cycle of loudness, we can reward people who are the most measured and well thought out.

I’m not saying that’s me, but it’s what I’m aiming for nowadays.

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