The Cavaliers might not recover: While We’re Waiting

Cleveland Cavaliers Parade Best of 2016

Happy Friday everyone. Get some rest from these late night NBA Finals games. The Cavaliers are back at it on another “school night” on Sunday. I can’t really take it all that well, but what choice do we have? By the way, I love this picture from our best-of series back in 2016. It’s probably worth remembering J.R. Smith in better days this morning anyway.

The Cavaliers drop Game 1 in terrifying fashion…

J.R. Smith committed a boneheaded play. The referees will be a hot topic of conversation with numerous missed calls and a charge reversal the likes of which the world has never seen on a stage this big. LeBron James goes for 50 in what turns out to be a 10-point loss. Tristan Thompson gets ejected for a common foul while Draymond Green is permitted to taunt him mercilessly on his way out of the game. It’s all very painful this morning, and yet, none of these things help the Cavaliers or their fans move on to Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

The Cavaliers seem to have proven that they can play with the Warriors. They had a lead late in the fourth quarter. They had a chance to go up with under five seconds on the game clock. In the end, they gave it their best shot on the road and still came away with an L. This is the kind of loss that easily can be projected into a sweep. It’s very easy to imagine this is the peak performance for the Cleveland Cavaliers in a series where they’re pretty clearly overmatched on paper.

No amount of sadness or feelings of being ripped off will amount to a win in subsequent games. Even when the Warriors don’t play particularly well and LeBron James does, the Cavaliers ended up on the wrong end of the scale. I’m not being a Debbie Downer because I want to be, but it’s just hard not to imagine that the Warriors could win Game 2 with a much better performance by a lopsided amount as they are wont to do.

I could be totally wrong, of course. LeBron James is as special an athlete as we’ve ever seen play professional sports in Cleveland, and maybe the world, but in a series of feet, made up of games of inches, involving one team with a significantly smaller margin for error, the Cavaliers are eyeballing everything without the benefit of a tape measure or a ruler.

Talking Cavs with Nom…

Before the Cavaliers dropped the first game of the series, Nom and I talked on the podcast. It might still be an interesting listen despite knowing the outcome of Game 1.

It’s late. I’m tired. I’m sorry for the abbreviated WWW, but that Cavs game really took the wind out of my sails.