Cavaliers, Indians

Shifting Gears Into Summer: While We’re Waiting

Good Tuesday morning, everyone.

The best thing about being a Cleveland sports fan is that we are never bored. While I am still coming to grips with the sudden end to the Cleveland Cavaliers season I have no time to wallow. How could I? The Indians are battling the White Sox this week and have a friendly run of opponents for the rest of the month. The natural sports cycles for basketball, baseball, and football leave Northeast Ohio’s sports fans with precious little down time in between seasons. I’ve often wondered how it would be in a Portland or Jacksonville with only one team in the Big Four to occupy one’s sports calendar. How boring those off-season months must be. Cleveland need not worry about such an arrangement as the Indians can now take center stage.

Such is the cycle of any sports season. Whether it ends in jubilation or heartbreak the finality and limited run of the campaign helps give it shape and purpose. These passing of the torch moments in the calendar remind us to enjoy the good seasons because eventually, even the best season needs to come to an end. So with the Cavs’ future uncertain, let’s look back at the past four years of outstanding play:

  • 211-117 regular season record
  • Four straight Central Division Championships
  • Twelve straight Eastern Conference playoff series wins
  • 55-26 playoff record
  • Four straight Eastern Conference Championships
  • 2016 NBA Championship

The previous four seasons were easily the most prolific stretch in the franchise’s 48-year history. No matter what happens next, those can’t be taken away.

Fun with YouTube

Before they were kicked off “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and before they delivered “The Lego Movie” Phil Lord and Christopher Miller made a cartoon for MTV called “Clone High.” The high school parody answers the eternal question: What if John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln were both in love with Cleopatra?

The brilliant writing deftly parodies shows about high school and their “very special” episodes. Will Forte headlines the voice cast and sharp-eared viewers might hear a litany of former Scrubs stars including Donald Faison and John C. McGinley. Alas, the show was ahead of its time, lasting only thirteen episodes in 2002-03. Lucky for you the entire series has been uploaded to YouTube in beautiful Standard Definition. Here’s episode one to get you started. Enjoy.