It’s been a great run for LeBron James and the Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers trailed by 25 points and LeBron James was showered with chants of MVP as he was replaced with under four minutes to go in Game 4 of an NBA Finals sweep. The Cleveland Cavaliers had what might have been the most competitive sweep in the history of the NBA Finals against one of the most incredible collections of talent the league has ever seen in the Golden State Warriors. There’s no shame in losing to what Scott Sargent referred to as the “Voltron Warriors” replete with Kevin Durant’s 7-foot frame as the robot’s destructive head. The final score doesn’t matter. The series score doesn’t matter. The Cavaliers finish a four-year run of appearances in the NBA Finals with a championship parade to show for it thanks to the greatest athlete in Cleveland sports history, LeBron James. There’s not much to say right now but thanks.

No matter what happens next, it’s just thanks in my heart for LeBron James and all the Cavaliers that have played here over the last four years. On a personal level, I give thanks to him for giving my five-year-old a game-winner for the ages in these playoffs. One of two game-winners, mind you. I thank him for doing what nobody has ever done before and creating the “Warriors blew a 3-1 lead” meme by staring into the abyss and finding his way out of a darkness that nobody has ever conquered before.

It would have been even more fun to win more than one, but one is enough. If he decides to leave again, we’ll always have that one parade. We’ll always have LeBron James defying impossible odds on our behalf to vanquish a 3-1 lead. We’ll always have all the moments that happened in between the eventual conclusions of these seasons, both good and bad. Whatever happens next, LeBron James has left us better than we were before he was here.

Forever and ever…