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Josh Gordon: Jarvis Landry is “a natural fit” on Browns

Already considering themselves the best group of wide receivers in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns wideouts don’t lack any confidence, to say the least. Whether that’s because of the addition of Jarvis Landry this offseason or not, the group has seemingly become much more confident (and better) after bringing him on board. Browns receiver Josh Gordon agrees and already seems to love his new teammate.

“I think that, naturally, he is just being himself and that makes it a lot easier for anybody,” he said on Tuesday following the first day of the team’s mandatory minicamp. “As a receiving unit, we are a close-knit group of guys. We are all together, normally, and he came in and made that group more tightly knit. He is a natural fit for us.”

When on the field, Gordon has proven that he can be one of the best receivers in the league. With that said, he admitted that the addition of Landry will not only help him and the entire offense going forward but make his job easier as well.

“Tremendously. It does make a huge difference, as far as competition level within the same group of guys, making sure we are stepping up every rep and every play,” Gordon said of Landry. “We want to be out there at the same time. Instinctively, I think we are just competitive by nature, which is what makes it better for me—I think it does the same for him. His football IQ, his awareness of the game, him knowing where he is supposed to be at—it is just a benefit to not only me but the entire offense.”

Although he hasn’t gotten that much time to practice with his new team, Landry already seems to not only feel comfortable in the Browns’ offense, but he knows what he must do (and bring) in order to make the offense run at its highest potential. Whether that be running shorter routes, creating plays for himself, or doing things to get other wideouts open, the veteran is open to anything as long as it brings success to the Browns.

“I feel like I am finding myself here, especially inside of the offense with the guys – J.G. (Josh Gordon) and all of the other receivers. I think it has allowed me to be comfortable,” Landry said.

“I think [offensive coordinator] Todd [Haley] does a great job of just getting playmakers the ball. Whether it is in space, whether it is a gadget here or a gadget there. I am confident enough to know that he is going to spray the ball around and put the ball into guys’ hands that give us the highest chance of winning.”

If the Browns want to have success on offense along with being one of the best wide receiver groups in the NFL, Landry must continue to play like he has over the last few seasons, along with Gordon (and Corey Coleman) remaining on the field as well. Luckily, Landry already seems to blend right in with the rest of the group and knows what he must do to maximize the Browns’ ability to put up points. The veteran is not only already fitting right in, but he has seemingly brought a jolt of confidence and been a leader that this team has badly needed.