Bring on the Hard Knocks cameras: While We’re Waiting

I’m not scared of the Browns being on Hard Knocks…

The Cleveland Browns won’t be better or worse because of Hard Knocks. The team will be exposed for who they are, and maybe who they have been, but it doesn’t determine who they will be in 2019. I can never forget learning just what a clown Herm Edwards was by watching Hard Knocks, but it was because I got to see his decision-making process. I got to see how he ran the football team. If the truth serves to bury you, then the sunshine illuminating you isn’t the issue. It’s the truth that hurts.

Hue Jackson might be the worst head coach in the history of the NFL. That won’t be any more or less true because some TV producers will have footage of him interacting with his players and fellow coaches. The Cleveland Browns might have drafted total losers in Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward. I’m not saying I believe that, but the point is that hiding a Justin Gilbert from the bright lights of Hard Knocks didn’t make him less of a misfit, now did it?

More than anything, I can’t wait to make a more informed opinion on the matter. Yes, there will be a lot of pretense and acting going on in front of those HBO cameras when the Browns are the stars of Hard Knocks, but you there will be a whole lot of truth in it as well. I expect to know quite well just how weird or cohesive the chemistry is on the coaching staff. I expect to know if the team finds their coaches to be inspirational or just plain corny. This team owes us a whole lot of fun, and we’re used to getting all of that out of the way in the pre-season.

What’s the worst that could happen? The team could go 0-16? Bring on the HBO cameras.

A Quiet Place was really good…

I saw A Quiet Place in theaters this week and was really taken with it. It’s a suspense, monster, mild horror film directed by John Krasinski and features the star of the American Office as the husband to wife Emily Blunt as Lee and Evelyn Abbott. The film opens with the married couple and their children obviously and quietly rooting through a drug store doing everything they can, including sign language, to make not much less than a shuffling sound on the ground. We soon find out why in terrifying fashion. Some kind of monsters or aliens have decimated much of the world’s population by picking off people based on sound. We don’t see that part of it, but we are left to assume in whatever region we’re dropped into that much of the world has been killed off.

Like any great suspense or horror movie, the terrifying reality is the backdrop for a human story about a family and its relationship as complicated by the nearly-impossible circumstances. They present common real-life things about how you might give birth to a screaming baby in a world where that attracts certain death at the hands of a terrifying monster. We learn about love and sacrifice at the highest levels due to the stakes.

The result is a movie that’s more than just another apocalyptic sci-fi offering. It’s more 10 Cloverfield Lane in terms of tone than it is some kind of Halloween slasher or spooky story. If you’re into that sort of thing, A Quiet Place becomes an instant classic in the sub-genre.

Name a struggle you had as a kid that kids today will never comprehend…

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