Random Browns thoughts going into free agency

Joshua Gunter,

The Cleveland Browns have started early on re-making the roster that went 0-16 last season. Over the course of Friday and Saturday, the Browns acquired wide receiver Jarvis Landry, quarterback Tyrod Taylor and defensive back Damarious Randall, while shipping out quarterback DeShone Kizer and defensive lineman Danny Shelton. The Browns made four trades in a matter of 24 hours. This all before free agency begins. Well, free agency begins on Monday, at least the legal tampering part of it. Here are some of my Browns thoughts going into free agency.

  • This is clearly John Dorsey’s team. Hue Jackson has less of a voice in this new organizational structure. Dorsey did not tailor to Jackson to acquire AJ McCarron, but rather went with the player he wanted, Tyrod Taylor. It is Dorsey’s show.
  • The Browns ended up getting the best quarterback available, not named Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins. The Browns were aggressive in going after their guy and not waiting till free agency to see how the free agent crop of quarterbacks went. It was the smart move.
  • The takes on Jarvis Landry across Twitter have been completely head scratching. Landry is now the best wide receiver on the Browns, besides a committed Josh Gordon. Landry instantly improves the corp. Yes, he is not a game changer who can break a big play at any time. But, he gives the Browns a sure-handed receiver to a team that has lacked one for quite a few years. This was a big pickup at a pretty low price.
  • Damarious Randall is probably the most underrated move of all the trades. First of all the Browns were able to get something for DeShone Kizer, who was not in the team’s plans. But more importantly, I think Randall will fit a huge need at free safety. Randall came out of Arizona State as a safety. I believe he can be Gregg Williams’ free safety and take care of the coverage duties in the backend of the defense. His addition can then move Jabrill Peppers into the box where he belongs.
  • I am not a fan of trading Danny Shelton. Shelton was a quality player, who did his role as a run defender very well. Yes, he was limited to two downs, but he did that role well. Trading him was not necessary in my opinion. But on the positive side, we finally get to see Larry Ogunjobi take off and show his immense talent in the starting lineup.
  • The Browns are probably not done in getting rid of some of the current players. But, I hope Corey Coleman is not one of those players. He has too much talent to just throw away this quickly. He has had two freak injuries that have completely derailed his first two seasons in the league. Coleman should get a chance to compete next season for the Browns.
  • I believe Joe Thomas will return next year for his final season in the NFL. But, the Browns need to address this position this offseason. I think the team should look in the draft to find their future left tackle to groom this season.
  • I think the Browns will be pretty aggressive in free agency like last offseason. I think the team will quickly try to address the cornerback position with a bigger free agent name. Wide receiver may be another target for the Browns, but a lesser one after the addition of Jarvis Landry. The defensive line may be the other big focus for the Browns in free agency, with the focus of trying to get more pass rush.
  • My free agent prediction: Either CB Trumaine Johnson or WR Allen Robinson will be the Browns biggest free agent signing this offseason.
  • The next couple of weeks will definitely clear the Browns draft plans up a little bit. The Browns will likely and have already addressed some of the positions of need in free agency and trades. This cuts down the possible player pool the Browns may target early in the draft.
  • I like the aggressiveness John Dorsey has shown and I hope this persists through free agency and the draft. The team needed it after the past couple seasons.