WFNY is 10 next week: While We’re Waiting…

Photo by Wang Xi on Unsplash

I’ve spent a lot of time recently talking about site business on my WWW. It makes sense because of the time of year and what’s going on in the marketplace. I apologize if anyone finds this stuff boring or a distraction from what they like about WFNY, but it’s essential to the future of the site. So, here are some more updates. But first…

WFNY Turns 10 Next Week!

I’ve been writing at WFNY for about nine years and six months, but who’s counting? That said, around this time of year every year, we celebrate the site’s birthday. Next week will be a week full of content talking about our tenth birthday. We have lots of fun things planned, and you will hear from many of the voices that helped bring the audience that we enjoy to this day. I won’t spoil any of the surprises, but please shout your favorite departed WFNY contributor in the comments. I think we have thought of everyone, but it might give a bit of extra pressure to those who might not otherwise feel like coming out of the woodwork to say hello.

I won’t drone on too much about our tenth now, so that I can drone on much more next week.

Patreon just got better

We struggled last year trying to figure out how to make Patreon relevant to our wonderful patrons. I think we finally have a plan. First of all, I put it on my calendar that I’ll be communicating with everyone about once per week on various topics. I went inside the traffic numbers recently, and I try and give behind-the-scenes bits about WFNY.

Additionally, we’ve set up a special “reward tier” for WFNY writers to join our Patreon. Up until now, I was the only one there. When I wrote something or posted something, our other contributors had no idea and couldn’t participate in the conversation there. Patreon was essentially more cut off from the WFNY staff than the comments underneath every post. No more. WFNY writers have joined up and are now over in Patreon land with the rest of us. We’ve already started adding fun activities just for our patrons.

Hattery is going to be the commissioner of the WFNY-reader-writer Fantasy Baseball league this season. Four patrons were interested, and four WFNY writers were interested, so now they’ll all play a season of fantasy baseball together. WFNY will figure out a prize for the winner. Unless that winner is Hattery. No prizes for Hattery.

I know it’s not the be-all-end-all, but it’s a start. It’s overdue, and it’s a commitment to the people who help keep the lights on here at WFNY. Hopefully, it’s also the key to giving incentive for even more of you to show up and support us over there.

So please consider giving it a shot in the new year.

YouTube Update

We haven’t achieved our goal of 1000 subscribers yet, but we’re damn close. As I type this, we’re sitting at 926. We began around 140, and in just a few weeks you all have responded. Additionally, I think the WFNY team was motivated by the sudden threat to the channel, and the content has picked back up after a lull. I’m doing the clip show. Nomina is doing his WFNY TV episodes. Dave Sterling and Yaz talked about Soccer, reuniting two-thirds of the HSBs. Scott even did a shoe unboxing, which is getting decent numbers for us.

With any luck, we’ll be over 1000 the next time I’m writing to you.