WFNY and Great Lakes Brewing Company are “All Yours”

Waiting For Next Year is proud to partner with Great Lakes Brewing Company in their “All Yours” campaign. For 30 years, GLBC has consistently brewed the highest quality beer in every style. Together, we are celebrating this point of pride while inviting new potential consumers into the fold with one overarching mantra: GLBC is All Yours.

You always remember your first. Twenty-one years old, hanging with close friends at a mid-summer party. Music is playing in the background as dusk gives way to night. You survived the week, wrestling with whatever Monday through Friday threw your way. You reach in to the cooler, expecting some mass-produced libation only to pull out a bottle, brush off the residual ice, and find yourself holding a Dortmunder Gold from Great Lakes Brewing Company.

For a guy who, like most, spent his collegiate years drinking whatever his low-wage on-campus job would provide, the ability to have some Great Lakes—especially on someone else’s dime—was a 21-year-old’s version of the American Dream. Other beers touted themselves as “lagers,” but all it took was one gulp of Dortmunder to know the jig was up.

Rather than some pale, watered-down attempt at beer, Dortmunder is a liquid gold medal. It has an unmistakable scent. Unlike some of its more-bitter IPA brethren, it’s smooth and subtle, satisfying a variety of palates. There’s a hint of caramel and honey for those who prefer a sweeter taste, but also a balance of that rich, earthy vibe for those who prefer their hops.

This, of course, would simply be the gateway to other Great Lakes beers, be it their Burning River Pale Ale or the wintertime staple, Christmas Ale. Even after a change-of-pace Turntable Pils in the summer, or a Rally Drum Red Ale at Progressive Field, I always find myself coming back to Dortmunder.

Many beers have come and gone over the years, but there is a reason why Dortmunder Gold is still at the top of so many lists. A year-round beer, Dortmunder Gold provides the ability to transport me back to that patio party way back when, or the countless nights on a random bar stool, sharing laughs with friends and family.

The snowflakes may still be falling, but all it takes is a Dortmunder to help bridge the gap to those summer months. It’s for this reason why everyone should make Dortmunder Gold “All Yours.”

WFNY encourages readers to choose their own GLBC beer and discussing in the comments. To sort through the variety of options, head to Great Lakes’ Beer Finder.

Keep an eye out for GLBC’s Pint Size Pub summer tour. Doubling as both a celebration of their 30th anniversary as well as the launch of the “All Yours” campaign, the Pint Size Pub is a traveling version of the famous brewpub located in Ohio City. It will be making stops throughout the entire region over the course of the summer.

Interested in some Great Lakes merchandise? Tell us which beer is All Yours on Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to tag @WFNYCLE on Twitter and/or @WFNYScott on Instagram while including the hashtag #GLBCisMINE. The selected winner will receive a care package including a GLBC branded hat, pint glass, bottle opener and koozie. The more creative, the better.

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Please consume all Great Lakes products responsibly.