Kenny Britt is the worst and the Redskins are stupid – WFNY TV

On the latest edition of the WFNY TV Podcast Clip show, I’ve got some hot takes and some “Hawk takes” that don’t really seem all that scorching hot.

First, we go to the Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima. They talked to their own Browns beat reporter Daryl Ruiter who found occasion to talk about Kenny Britt and his time with the Browns. It’s believable, but also kind of unbelievable that Kenny Britt is the worst, most disrespectful athlete that he and Ken Carman have covered in their time with the Browns. That’s saying something with the names and faces that have passed through Berea over the years.

Second, we’re checking in on Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins from the ThomaHawk podcast. Their latest episode was chock-full of interesting stuff, but listening to Andrew Hawkins break down the Redskins’ trade for Alex Smith and seemingly moving on from Kirk Cousins was fascinating. He called them stupid, but it’s more than just that.

Finally, we’re checking in with the gents from Pardon My Take, who accepted RG3’s Twitter challenge to somehow take all the blame. As a Cleveland fan that was subject to at least one small part of the overall RG3 experience, it made me laugh.

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