Decisions, decisions: Browns dive into a pivotal offseason – The Nail in the Coffin, Episode 103

Mercifully, the Browns’ season is over, but the interesting times are just getting started. Tom and Travis discuss decisions made—John Dorsey replacing Sashi Brown, transitioning from collecting assets to acquiring players, and (against all odds) keeping Hue Jackson—and the decisions to come (read: “quarterback, quarterback and quarterback”).

As the Browns sort through their issues, there’s one other decision that’s easy for the guys: Neither of them would be caught dead at this weekend’s 0-16 parade.

Plus: Thoughts on the Rose Bowl and the upcoming college football national championship game, Isaiah Thomas’ exciting Cavs debut, and what to do with J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson.

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Intro/outro music: “The 3rd” by Anitek

Tom Valentino is co-creator and co-host of The Nail in the Coffin, a weekly Cleveland sports podcast, and a former newspaper sportswriter. He lives in Painesville, Ohio, and you can follow him on Twitter at @1tomvalentino or email him at tom@waitingfornextyear.com.