Cleveland sports podcast roundup: While We’re Waiting

Good Friday everyone. I wanted to share something I’ve thought about doing recently and finally tried this week: the WFNY Podcast Clip Show. The video is above and every time I hear something interesting to Cleveland sports fans, I grab the clip and save it on my phone. At the end of the week (two weeks?) I cut it all together, add some commentary, and post the good stuff. I listen to a lot of podcasts and I know not everyone drives around as much as I do or otherwise takes in as many podcasts as I do, so I figure it’s kind of a service. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Give me some feedback. I’ll try to keep working the bugs out.

We were featured in Cleveland Magazine

A couple weeks ago we were honored to be contacted to do a short interview about the WFNY Podcast by Cleveland Magazine. That issue is out now, and we were featured along with five other podcasts on page 20. It’s cool to be recognized in any way, and Cleveland Magazine is well-read enough that I started getting feedback before dinner time on Thursday. Really cool. Check it out.

Andrew and Craig talk Cleveland Browns on the WFNY Podcast

Speaking of the podcast, I had a chance to talk to Andrew this week about both the Cavaliers and the Browns. The Browns podcast dropped this morning at 6 am. In case you’re not subscribed on iTunes…

Andrew and Craig are back talking about the Cleveland Browns. Will DeShone Kizer ever win a game as Cleveland Browns starter?

  • The 0-16 Cleveland Browns turning it around on a dime
  • It’s ok to feel good about the Browns for a minute
  • Sashi Brown and the position he was in
  • Joe Haden and Joe Thomas talking about him
  • Are the Browns ready to make a leap?
  • The Browns adding a pro-level quarterback?
  • How important is the quarterback? Ask Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Garoppolo.
  • The Browns offense turning around year over year
  • Being high on the Browns and hating the Cavaliers? Weird.
  • The Lions going 0-16 gave them Matthew Stafford
  • The NFL draft and knowing what we don’t know
  • Justin Gilbert, Trent Richardson and the inexact science of drafting
  • Will DeShone Kizer ever start and win a game for the Cleveland Browns?