Channing Frye continues to make the Cavs fun—again

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Even with their struggles and plenty of drama over the last couple weeks, one thing remains a constant with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Channing Frye not only lightens the mood, but he makes basketball fun, all while sharing his smile during some of the team’s toughest times of the season.

During the Cavs second-straight win Sunday night, Frye played 21 minutes, the most since receiving 25 minutes on December 4. Known as a sharpshooter, the 6-foot-11 showed off his athleticism with a glorious put-back dunk, one that not only lit up the Cavs and their bench during the game, but was the talk of the locker room following the game.

This season has been an interesting one for Frye. Sometimes he receives plenty of significant minutes, sometimes he’s a healthy DNP. Either way, when the 34-year-old’s number is called he seems to step up and not miss a beat. While the bench had quite the reaction prior to the timeout right after Frye’s put-back slam dunk, the comments made about it after the game may have been even better. It all started with Kevin Love and Frye talking to Allie Clifton.

Then, if the big man thought he was done talking about it once he left the court he was wrong. Frye spoke to the media about his put-back dunk in the locker room, while joking around just like he does as well.

On a team that seems to have plenty of egos, Frye continues to be a fan-favorite not only because of his smile, attitude, and ability to make the best out of every moment, but the jokester also helps his team the best he can when called upon. He has been involved in plenty of trade rumors over the last couple weeks, but the veteran won’t let that affect him.

Frye’s importance to this team is something that will never appear in a box score. While he will contribute with actual stats most nights, the veteran’s leadership, truthfulness, and ability to joke around is something that is so important to the Cavs locker room. He makes the best out of everything, and as long as Frye is involved, their will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

While he doesn’t seem to allow him playing or not to affect his personality, it shouldn’t be a coincidence that the Cavs are now 18-1 when Frye plays at least 11 minutes. While uplifting the entire team whether he’s on the court or not, his ability to knockdown shots from long distance is a much-needed addition to the second unit. Then again, if he can continue to get these put-back dunks, head coach Tyronn Lue will have a hard time ever sitting him.