Alabama-Georgia fallout and the future of the College Football Playoff – The Nail in the Coffin, Episode 104

On the verge of winning their first national championship in 37 years, the Georgia Bulldogs instead lost the title game on Monday night in the most excruciating way imaginable, and the Alabama evil empire reigns over college football again. The Nail guys relive the game’s stunning closing moments and the unconventional ways they saw them unfold—Tom watched the full game on the announcer-free SkyCam feed that was part of ESPN’s megacast, while Travis went through the condensed version on Tuesday after following along on Twitter during the live game.

Plus: With UCF’s perfect season and teams just missing out on the playoff posting big bowl wins—not to mention Alabama’s shaky regular season résumé—has the door been pried open for an eight-team field? Expansion is probably inevitable, but the guys debate whether it should be.

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Intro/outro music: “The 3rd” by Anitek

Tom Valentino is co-creator and co-host of The Nail in the Coffin, a weekly Cleveland sports podcast, and a former newspaper sportswriter. He lives in Painesville, Ohio, and you can follow him on Twitter at @1tomvalentino or email him at tom@waitingfornextyear.com.