Whatever happens with Hue Jackson is fine: While We’re Waiting

I’m out of things to say in 2017. I’m tired. I’m worn out. I need a vacation. A couple times per year I get punchy like this and I’m lucky enough to get a couple vacations to look forward to in each calendar revolution. As a result, I’m outsourcing my WWW this week to The A to Z Podcast. They don’t know it yet, but that’s the way things go. I listened to the latest episode and I’m letting it inform everything I have to say in this post. So check out that episode and here goes!

I don’t care what happens with Hue Jackson anymore…

I have been steadfast that I don’t want to be in the business of defending Hue Jackson. Because I’ve ripped apart the building of this roster so heavily, it’s been a side of the fence I’ve ended up standing on more often than I would like. I’m officially out of the business for real this time.

I haven’t been listening closely enough to the people who are around this team and this coach every day, including A to Z and guys like Daryl Ruiter who’ve I’ve heard talk about Hue’s potential fate. Despite any philosophies about continuity, having a consistent voice, or judging the lack of depth and cohesiveness of the Cleveland Browns roster, it really doesn’t matter if Hue Jackson returns or not. Even given the worst-case scenario that was handed to Hue, he’s managed to make it that much worse both in how he’s coached the team and how he’s acted in self-defense running his own not-so-secret media campaign.

Whether Hue Jackson can come back from that and never exhibit behaviors like that again is up to Jimmy Haslam and John Dorsey to decide. I’ve spent a lot of time speculating from my outside perch and based on my overarching philosophies, but people who are much closer and more well-connected are saying things and giving opinions based on a host of factors that they can’t always report. That’s not to say that you should listen to a beat writer if they say who they think the team should draft or sign in free agency. You probably also shouldn’t listen when they hint at tactical errors. If they are hinting at irreparable dysfunction, however, it’s notable.

I’m listening now.

What’s the greatest Christmas gift you ever got?

Zac and Andre talked about this topic as well. You’ll have to listen to the podcast for their takes, but I’m going to steal the topic idea and tell you mine.

I have no idea what age I was, but I got the GI Joe Command Center one year for Christmas. It was the absolute hey-day of my career “playing with guys” as my brother and I used to call it. We had a couple Star Wars figures and some Transformers and Go-Bots over the years, but nothing could ever compare to GI Joe for us. Getting this command center was everything I ever could have hoped for in that year, and I spent hours and hours setting up scenarios with guys and vehicles approaching this steel-looking plastic behemoth of a base that protected all my favorite guys from certain death.

I’m sure there were other gifts that should have made the list, but I don’t have control which ones my brain pushes straight to the top when these questions get asked. So, what’s yours?

We Wish You a Metal Christmas

This week I asked Alexa to play some metal Christmas music and this was the third song that came on. I loved it. My kids thought it was fun. My wife hated it. Here you go!