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Ohio State releases trailer for Cotton Bowl matchup against USC

FOX play-by-play legend Gus Johnson is one of the best announcers in college athletics. It’s not a coincidence that the Ohio State Buckeyes used his voice in the first 20 seconds of their hype trailer for their matchup against the Southern California Trojans in the Cotton Bowl.

With Johnson’s voice heard at the conclusion of The Game at Michigan and in the final seconds and trophy celebration following the Big Ten Championship game, quarterback J.T. Barrett and head coach Urban Meyer are shown celebrating, the latter holding up the conference championship trophy on the stage in Indianapolis.

“Laser focus on each other—those who love ya,” Meyer tells his team as the video switches to a shot of the locker room prior to the Big Ten Championship game. “Play with everything you’ve got for each other. You can’t be beat.”

After the video shows the Buckeyes taking the field in Indy, Barrett is heard talking to his team.

“I love every single one of you. Every single one of you. Let’s go out there and play for each other, man,” the quarterback tells the scarlet and gray.

While multiple people are heard talking, the trailer then shows highlights from throughout the season, whether it be the captains walking to midfield for the coin toss, or different clips from all 13 games, mainly being from The Game agaisnt Michigan and the Big Ten Championship against Wisconsin.

“Fight not for hatred of the enemy before you. Fight for the love of the brothers behind you,” the video shows, while continuing to run through different clips.

Mickey Marotti, who is the Assistant Athletic Director of Football Sport Performance for the Buckeyes, has been known to get his team amped when they need it most. It’s not a coincidence that the trailer closes with him speaking to the team, I assume it’s prior to the game against Wisconsin.

“We will win this game because we’re going to play like a bunch of tough guys,” Marotti yells. “We’re going to play like a bunch of tough guys longer and harder than they do. We will win this game because of our brotherhood, do you hear me?”

Toward the end of the regular season, the Buckeyes made it known that one of their biggest slogans this season is “Long Live The Brotherhood.” While the trailer shows plenty of clips and sound bites, that slogan is also used throughout, in plenty of different ways.

Although it seems like more than just three-and-a-half weeks ago that the Buckeyes took the field, Ohio State is closing in on the final game of their 2017 season. In case you needed to get hyped for the game, Ohio State’s video and graphic crew has done a tremendous job on the game trailer, much like they always do.

The Cotton Bowl between the Buckeyes and Trojans kicks off at 8:30 p.m. ET Friday night at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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