Maybe the Browns should be ignored: While We’re Waiting

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We should make the Browns earn our conversation…

One of the main reasons I hate where the Browns are as a franchise is because I don’t feel like I ever get to write or say anything new about them. Despite some lean years with the Indians and Cavaliers, we’ve gotten to cover some legitimate championship runs with those teams. Only the Cavaliers finished, and I’m genuinely disappointed with the Indians bowing out to the Yankees, but don’t for a second think that their playoff berth isn’t at least somewhat worthwhile. Meanwhile, the Browns continue to find new lows, but that’s not fun to cover. I’m wondering if maybe the Browns should just be ignored completely.

I’ve repeated this here on WFNY many times, but when my first son was born in 2010, I gave the team six years to get things going. I started watching and understanding football in 1985. The Bears are the first Super Bowl champ that I remember watching win the whole thing. Or at least I was culturally aware of them. As someone born in 1979, I figured my math was safe and that it was fair for me to give the Browns until 2016 to get things going. My oldest son is seven going on eight. My youngest is five going on six. The Browns have a young team with some prospects, but anyone predicting this group knows how to build a full team is relying on hope more than facts.

It’s fun to have a guy like Myles Garrett to talk about, but this isn’t the first time we’ve had exciting prospects. Kamerion Wimbley had 11 sacks in his rookie campaign with the Browns. The Browns won four, ten, four, and five games in each of his seasons with the Browns before he was off to Oakland for the third round pick that became Colt McCoy. Granted Garrett is the first overall pick, and Wimbley was drafted 13, but I’m just saying we’ve seen good players before. It’s all just minutia for people who follow the Browns for the tumult.

Tumult is exciting in places where there is none, but like the fighting on the Jerry Springer show or bickering on a “Real Housewives” show, it wears thin when it happens all the time. The only way to make something exciting is for there to be a new storyline. For the Browns, the only thing new that they could do would be to win. It’s the one thing we haven’t seen at this website since its inception.

It’s one of the reasons that I find covering this team so miserable anymore. I feel like a broken record. I feel like I’ve said everything I ever had to say about the Browns. I don’t feel like it’s brought the best out in me. Until something much more significant changes, they don’t deserve to be talked about all that much. We do it because we were raised with this team and during this part of the year, it’s reflexive to try and focus on them.

I spent a considerable portion of this week reading about Pilot Flying J. I’ve spent time online spreading a hashtag #SellTheBrowns as a form of realization that talking about the Browns without focusing on the common denominator of suck is a waste of time. I even wrote some other things that I’ve kept to myself because in the end, while I think they’re correct, and while I feel irate, I don’t like myself for the way I’m covering this team right now.

My mother raised me to ask those three age-old questions. Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? Most of the things I’m saying about the Browns lately are a no, yes, no.

I’m not making any announcement or proclamation other than letting you know what I think as I write this late on a Thursday night. I tend to think out loud and work on a conclusion in the open. Right now, I’m just sick to death of this team and what I’ve been doing personally. I need a change.

Welcome back to WFNY, Brendan Bowers!

I talked to former WFNY writer Brendan Bowers on the podcast this week about his new book, LeBron James vs. The NBA. I loved catching up with our old buddy and we had a lot of fun Cavs talk going all the way back to the off-season, Kyrie, and the prospects of winning in the playoffs.

Death Cab for Cutie Time Machine…

I went and saw Death Cab for the first time in Cambridge Massachussetts at the urging of a friend of mine. They had two albums out and a third on the way and I trudged down to the basement of The Middle East for an afternoon show with my friend. I was taken in by that awkward indie rock band that was willing to play impossibly slow, occasionally get heavy, and was artsy enough to sing choruses a full four feet off the mic even though nobody else was singing along. It’s amazing to see where that band has gotten to and where Ben Gibbard is today as an artist. I don’t begrudge them their success or progression. I’m just continually amazed how much I still love all that early stuff that almost sounds like a different band entirely from who they are nearly twenty years lately. I mean, it all makes sense. It’s just a sign of my age, I guess.