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WFNY TV – Cleveland Sports Update 11/9/2017

It’s been a busy week in Cleveland sports and WFNY is trying a new way to keep you up to date. The video below brings in our experts (and me) to recap what has happened and what it means. Cleveland sports are exhausting and not everyone can keep track of what meme LeBron posted and what trade the Browns bungled and what options the Tribe picked up. So let us do the work for you. Listen on your way to work. Or at work. Or while being fired for watching videos at work. Whatever is convenient for you!

To start things off, Gage Will breaks down the Tribe’s busy week. They decided to pick up Michael Brantley’s $12 million option for next season, keeping the long-time Indians and one-time MVP candidate who is many-times injured in Cleveland for an additional season. They also turned down the option for disappointing reliever Boone Logan. Free agent first baseman Carlos Santana also received the qualifying offer and while unlikely, the Tribe has to hope he accepts. Meanwhile, the Tribe had quite a few players up for awards this season.

Jake Burns looks at what is happening in the world of the Browns after an eventful week. The scuttled trade to bring A.J. McCarron to Cleveland has been the talk of the town and has obvious ramifications for the future of this front office and coaching staff. But there was good news, as Joe Thomas received an extension that will keep him in Cleveland even longer.

Finally, I look at the Cavaliers following their big win against the Milwaukee Bucks. This has been a strange season, but when it comes to the Cavaliers, they are all strange seasons. I look at some positive signs and why the sky is not falling, no matter what the world outside of Cleveland seems to be saying.

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