Welcoming The Nail in the Coffin: While We’re Waiting

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“Let’s start from the beginning.” I had no idea what to write about this week, but I opened my document, and that is what I had already written. I don’t know what topic I had in mind when I wrote “Let’s start from the beginning.” but whatever it was, it’s whatever this is now.

Site Announcement: The Nail in the Coffin joins WFNY…

WFNY people have been on this local Cleveland sports podcast you might have heard of called The Nail in the Coffin. I’ve been on it before. Hattery and TD have also been on before. They’ve also had some really cool guests like Carlos Baerga, local photographer Ken Blaze, and Indians Twitter maestro, Joel Hammond. It’s hosted by Tom Valentino and Travis Ulle, and they’ve provided their Cleveland sports podcast consistently since 2015. Well, they’re going to join us here at WFNY.

That doesn’t mean a whole lot to fans of their show or fans of our podcasts and content. They’re not moving their show, or changing it. It just means that you’ll see and hear those guys around these parts. You will hear Tom or Travis pop up on our feed from time to time. You will probably hear more WFNY writers on their podcast. It will be cool to have them as a part of WFNY however it shakes out. We are very much the same genre of Cleveland sports talk, so it just makes sense.

So welcome Tom and Travis on Twitter. Make sure you subscribe to their podcast.

Re-branding the Browns with the one and only OKPants…

Speaking of podcasts, I did one this week that was outside the box. My friend OK Pants is a local designer and overall hysterical person. While he sprinkled in plenty of the funny, he was pretty deadly serious about the topic of rebranding professional football in Cleveland. Take away the name. Take away the awful colors that we only love because of nostalgia. Let’s just start fresh. Aaron is volunteering to take on the job for considerable compensation befitting the project. I also chime in about bulldozing Berea and moving the team to a whole new location in the greater Cleveland area. I joked about Lakeland Community College because the Browns used to do training camp there. I also joked that I’ve had more children since 1999 than the Browns have playoff games. (It’s a joke even if it’s just, you know, factual.)

Please give it a listen and unlike many who say “don’t @ me,” OKPants is the opposite. Go ahead and @ him to your heart’s content.

The Post is pure Oscar Oscarness…

I admit that I’m dying to see the new movie with Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and Steven Spielberg. It’s like one of the most slam-dunk Oscar favorites to come out in a long time. It’s about the Washington Post fighting the government over exposing lies about Vietnam. It involves Richard Nixon. It’s got a clear good guy, bad guy, a venue for conflict in the Supreme Court and enough star power to carry material with this kind of gravity.

I’m almost rooting for it to fail the way you root for the Yankees to fail with a $3 billion payroll.


That’s it from me this week. Thanks for being here. Thanks for your continued support. Please, if you like what we’re doing and you want us to continue, please consider supporting us via Patreon. The economics of publishing on the web kind of stink in 2017 and we’re trying our damndest to make this a nice home for the best independent voices in Cleveland sports.