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Peter King thinks Hue Jackson keeps his job

Hue Jackson Sashi Brown
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Nobody knows exactly how the Browns season (and subsequent offseason) will shake out. It’s Hot Seat season in the NFL as we hit the halfway point. Everyone is trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing.

Hue Jackson has a horrendous record with the Cleveland Browns, and whether or not he keeps his job depends on the size of the asterisk that Jimmy Haslam is willing to put next to it. If Haslam thinks Jackson has been significantly hampered by the rebuild he will likely give him more time. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King talked to Haslam before the season and based on Haslam’s tune at that time and King’s sense of the environment, he thinks Jackson will be able to keep his job. He said so on the latest Pardon My Take podcast.

Peter King thinks that Hue Jackson is going to keep his job. He’s not so sure about Sashi Brown.

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I tend to agree with King. Even as Hue Jackson’s record and the anecdotal evidence despite the record indicates he’s not doing a great job, the Browns will err on the side of caution and not blowing it up this time around. We’ve known for quite some time that the ultimate price for firing Rob Chudzinski after just one year, and Mike Pettine after two, would likely be the next guy keeping his job for at least three seasons, regardless of performance. Hue Jackson might be that beneficiary.

King’s not so sure about Sashi Brown, however. Despite the man having 17 prior trades under his watch, having a deadline disaster on his resume is apparently too much. Maybe this is King’s “football guy” bias showing. If you can make the case for continuity — regardless of record — for Hue Jackson, you can make it for Sashi Brown as well. If I’m applying a logical filter to Peter King’s statements, I have a tough time justifying just one pink slip. It’s either two or none based on everything we’ve seen.

If I was voting on what I want to see the Browns do right now, I would say they need to add people. I’d like to see an offensive coordinator and a strong front office presence added to the mix. I’d like to see the team further the existing script and punch it up rather than scrap it altogether.