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Ohio State releases trailer for Big Ten title game vs. Wisconsin

When it comes to getting ready to play for a conference championship, fans, players, and coaches shouldn’t need anything extra in order to get them prepared or excited to go win the Big Ten title. But, in case anyone still needed that extra boost, Ohio State’s video and graphic team is here to help with yet another outstanding hype trailer for a matchup between the Buckeyes and undefeated Wisconsin.

Following Ohio State’s loss to Iowa a few weeks ago, many in Buckeye Nation thought the scarlet and gray no longer had anything to play for. It was not only their second loss of the season, but a 31-point blowout where the Bucks were embarrassed took place. Redshirt senior Billy Price took it upon himself to talk to the team in the locker room and let them know that there is still plenty to play for. He was right.

“Listen up real quick, man. Everything that we still want to play for is still sitting in front of us. That’s why we have this Brotherhood, man,” the captain tells his team. “We need to come together as a team. Guess what, I’m going to go get me a big ring. Long live the Brotherhood for this moment.”

While Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight starts to play, a simple message comes up while showing the Buckeyes locking arms, Chapter 13: Rings. Then it gives Buckeyes fans a behind-the-scenes look at Ohio State getting ready for The Game in Ann Arbor last Saturday.

“I stand before you with much respect. You wait for your assignment, you miss your directive. Here it is: Rely on each other, love each other, stay together. No matter what happens, stay together. Coaches, players, you’re in a fight. Swing as hard as you can man,” head coach Urban Meyer and defensive coordinator Greg Schiano tell their team.

After what took place this weekend past in Tennessee, Ohio State seems glad to have Schiano back, and they showed their appreciation for him by including the defensive coordinator in the hype trailer for the Big Ten Championship

The Buckeyes will still need some help if they want to make the Playoff, but one thing is certain: If they beat Wisconsin, they will win the Big Ten for just second time in the Meyer Era.

Be prepared, you may get plenty of goosebumps while watching the video, Buckeye Nation.

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