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Ohio State releases trailer for big game against Michigan State

For the first time in the Urban Meyer Era, the Ohio State Buckeyes have lost two regular season games in the same season. At No. 13, the chances are very slim that Ohio State will make the Playoff even if they win out. The Buckeyes will need some major help and plenty of chaos to take place in order to make the Final Four.

With that said, they still have plenty to play for. At No. 13 in the latest Playoff rankings, they host No. 12 Michigan State Saturday afternoon. Sparty is a team that posts a great threat for the scarlet and gray and one that always seems to give Ohio State problems.

With a big matchup on Saturday, Ohio State controls their own destiny in the Big Ten. If they win out, they make the Big Ten Championship game, which Meyer has been to just once.

Plenty seem to be under the impression that the season is virtually over for the Buckeyes, but there is still a lot to play for, including a conference title. In case you needed to get amped for Saturday’s game against the Spartans, Ohio State’s video and graphic team has you covered:

The video starts with a group of players, one that looks like the offensive linemen, getting themselves amped for a game. It then shoots to a little behind the scenes action of the Penn State game from almost two weeks ago.

“When we get back to The Shoe next week we will be nine units strong and that’s the end of it,” a voice says in the background. “Be accountable for everything. That’s why we have this brotherhood, man, and that’s the end of it. You lean on one another and you look each other in the eye and be honest. Anytime you’re isolated is time to lean on each other. Long Live The Brotherhood for this moment right now.

“You have one choice to make. The choice that you make will determine the outcome of this game. It’s not about anything else, it’s about us.”

With a slew of highlights that include plenty from all season, whether it be sacking the quarterback, scoring a touchdown, or a number of other plays, it seems as though the Ohio State video and graphic team doesn’t want to remember the Iowa game last Saturday as well. Much like other Ohio State fans wanted to do, it seems as though they have thrown away the tape from that game, too.

“You can get it back today. Leave nothing in doubt today,” a player says.

The video concludes with a simple statement: Long Live The Brotherhood. #BeatMSU

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