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Mike Singletary Interviews for Unknown Position

In regards to the last season and a half of Browns football, the bloom is off the rose, as they say. The bloom has also been crumbled, stepped on, lit on fire with a flamethrower and the leftover ashes seem to be swept out the door sooner rather than later. It what seems to be yet another unprecedented move in futility, the Browns front office and/or Jimmy and Dee Haslam has been bringing in coaches for interviews, in season, with the entirety of the coaching staff still employed.

News broke Monday that Mike Singletary, former San Francisco head coach, was seen in Berea interviewing with “Browns brass” the previous Thursday. It was not announced that Singletary was in town nor was it apparent what position he was interviewing for. Singletary’s last position was as a defensive assistant under former Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher and then-Rams-now-Browns defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

Bringing in coaching interviews while still employing a full coaching staff is yet another head-scratching move by the head-scratchiest front office in the National Football League. To even further the intrigue, it appears that Singletary was *not* being interviewed as a head coaching candidate.

While not enjoying his decision to play Jabrill Peppers, a player who was basically a human Swiss Army Knife in college due to his athletic ability in the box, 30-40 yards behind the line of scrimmage in his “angel” position, Gregg Williams has done an adequate job in his first year as defensive coordinator. He has turned what was a historically bad run defense into the league’s best, never mind the fact that teams are throwing more and more and the pass defense is getting roasted on a weekly basis due to linebackers peering into the backfield on play action and safeties being so far out of position you’d think they were blocking punts on first downs. To replace him after one season on the job, with Myles Garrett having missed so much playing time and a young roster to mold, would be a mistake.

Any move to bring in Singletary while not removing a coach from their current position would be to throw yet another cook into the already filled kitchen, but it would add a disciplinarian onto a staff devoid of someone who isn’t players first. The argument to be made by hiring a coach with the pedigree and reputation of Singletary would be a culture change. To say that the current iteration of the Browns have any type culture to change is laughable. This is a team that has won one game in its last 25 games, many of which have been lopsided affairs that have fans at the game leaving the stadium before the fourth quarter starts and fans at home staring down to-do lists that would usually be neglected until the bye week.

Winning teams have winning cultures. The New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Green Bay Packers are examples of teams that have had long stretches of success and have cultures that go along with winning. To change the culture of this franchise (something that is desperately needed) seismic moves have to be made. Waiting For Next Year’s Craig Lyndall has outlined numerous times why that should be made at the top with Haslam selling the Browns franchise. There have been calls to fire Head Coach Hue Jackson and calls for him to keep his job. Getting rid of the #HBT and Sashi Brown would definitely change the culture of the franchise, and in light of the McCarron-trade-that-wasn’t, the writing seems to be on the wall in that regard, but Singletary would not be hired for the front office. Bringing in a failed head coach to be an assistant while keeping Haslam, Brown, Jackson, Williams and everyone else is not a move that is going to have enough impact on a roster starved for voices telling them how to act and how to win.