Jaguars’ Tashaun Gipson criticizes Browns organization

Former Cleveland Browns safety Tashaun Gipson had plenty to say about the current state of the organization during an interview with ESPN’s Freddie and Fitz on Monday.

“You look back and I feel bad for those guys because, like I said, it’s nothing that they can do. They just go out there and play,” Gipson said. “It’s the guys above them who make these decisions and, you know, it’s unfortunate. We’ve seen it time and time again, the opportunity that’s slipped by them.”

Gipson—an undrafted free agent from Wyoming University— spent his first four seasons with the Browns and even earned a Pro Bowl trip in 2014 with the franchise, but front office turnover saw Gipson left behind as a part of the core group current Browns team President Sashi Brown allowed to walk after the 2015 season. That group included Alex Mack, Mitchell Schwartz and Travis Benjamin amongst others.

The Browns never made a serious push to sign Gipson to a contract extension during his final season with the team, and it left Gipson wanting a way out. Gipson cited a “desire to win” as his primary reason for leaving, which seemed interesting at the time given where the Jaguars franchise was. Now the Jaguars sit at 6-3 and Gipson is taking all the shots he can.

“I truly hope that we hang 40 on them. Their offense probably shouldn’t score against our defense and I’m excited. That’s the true thing.” Gipson continued, “It’s personal, but yet at the end of the day you’re still blessed… knowing that I’m in a situation right now where I don’t look back about it. I don’t look back with any regrets. I’m extremely excited with where I’m at right now, but you know it’s definitely going to be personal man, for sure.”

It’s hard to argue Gipson’s point, especially given the Browns 1-24 record since his departure. “Every time [Eagles quarterback] Carson Wentz pop up on the TV, somebody brings it up [that the Browns didn’t draft him]. I had to play against [Texans rookie quarterback] Deshaun Watson. It’s unfortunate what happened to him, but that’s going to be one of the best young quarterbacks in the league and one of the best quarterbacks in the league in the coming years. It’s things like that you just continue to scratch your head. You’ve just got to look back and say, ‘Man, I’m glad to get up out of there.'”

The Browns play the Jaguars in Cleveland this Sunday and it’s hard to see the fans cutting Gipson any slack given these comments. The hope is the players and coaches take it as personal as the fan will. A win against Gipson and the Jaguars would be a welcome, and much needed outcome.