Injuries suck, Taylor Swift, and “The Wave”: While We’re Waiting


What’s up, guys? Happy Friday!

I know, where’s Craig on his usual Friday WWW, right? Well, since he’s busy trying to make Jimmy Haslam #SellTheBrowns, I have been given the keys to today’s While We’re Waiting. Consider yourself lucky, or unlucky, it’s really your call.

This December will mark my three-year anniversary at WFNY. While it’s crazy to think that it’s already been that long, so much has happened in that time. Whether it’s LeBron fulfilling his promise and the Cavs bringing Cleveland it’s first major sports championship in 52 years, the Indians being just one rain delay away from winning a World Series that same year, or the Browns continuing their rebuild that is currently in it’s 18th straight year, I feel like I’m proud to be a Cleveland sports fan, except on Sundays in the fall. Being able to write about Cleveland and Ohio State sports is just an added bonus. Add in the WFNY Slack channel, and I am forever grateful that Scott, Craig, and Andrew gave me this opportunity and cannot thank them enough.

With that said, heading into my fourth year here, I hope my stories are full of much less vanilla than they once were. As a WFNY team, we’ve added plenty of talent, including some outstanding writers to both our Indians and Browns crew. We’ve also tried the video side of things. In case you haven’t subscribed to the WFNY Youtube channel, I suggest you do so. As a gift to you, you get to see Nom’s wonderful, bearded face.1 Take that for what it’s worth. Also, in case you’re an avid WFNY podcast listener, you get to see Craig too, so he’s not just a man behind a microphone.

Alright, sorry, back to the real reason why I’m here.

First things first: injuries suck. In the span of 10 days, we’ve seen two Cleveland players who have never been seriously hurt go down with significant injuries. Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, who is somehow better on social media than he is on the field, suffered a torn triceps injury after not missing a single snap in his first 167 career games. Cavs center Trsitan Thompson went down with a left calf strain.

Seeing anyone go down with a tricep injury like Thomas’ sucks, but especially a guy like Joe. Since the moment he was drafted by the Browns in 2007, he has been beloved by all fans. In recent years, Thomas had every opportunity to demand a trade or be frustrated about what he has had to go through with this team. Instead, he has backed the coaches, front office, and outrageous amount of quarterbacks for which he has blocked the blind side. What stinks is that there’s a real possibility that the left tackle could retire this offseason. After everything he has gone through, he deserved to not only be a winner, but be part of a Super Bowl contender. If he hangs up his cleats this offseason, he will have won just 48 games in 10 and a half seasons in Cleveland, including just four in his last 39 games.

While the Cavs and Thompson have been struggling, it’s tough to see the big man go down with a calf strain. Luckily, he’s only going to miss about a month, but, after Thomas went down, the fact that Thompson has gotten hurt as well proves that no one is safe these days.

He may not be Cleveland’s quarterback because Browns are gonna Browns, but Deshaun Watson suffering a torn ACL on a non-contact play during the Houston Texans practice on Thursday is awful. The former Clemson standout seemed to be loved by pretty much everyone. Fans and players around the league were devastated to hear the news. Not only because of the kind of incredible season the rookie was having, but just because of the kind of person and player Watson is too. After suffering a torn ACL during his time at Clemson, here’s to hoping Watson fully recovers from his second one and returns to form in the 2018 season.

This season alone, Thomas, Watson, Odell Beckham, JJ Watt, Aaron Rodgers, Julian Edelman, Delvin Cook, Eric Berry, Andrew Luck, and possibly David Johnson have all suffered season-ending injuries among the bigger name players. Keep in mind, the season is only half over. That’s incredible, to say the least. Here’s to hoping that no other significant injuries happen, whether it be to star players or the 53rd player on the roster.

Onto more positive news, Taylor Swift is awesome. If you haven’t noticed a trend yet, I also talked about T-Swift in my first (and only other) WWW as well. While my love for her isn’t as bad (or good?) as it once was, I still love Tay. High School Josh was obsessed with her. Out of college Josh- while probably doubled in size due to my love for Chipotle, Fusian, Chick-fil-A, pizza, and late-night eating- still is a huge T-Swift fan.

Last week, if you follow WFNY’s own Jacob Rosen on Twitter or Instagram, you would have noticed something special. Like me, he and his girlfriend are also huge Taylor Swift fans. Jake’s girlfriend dressed up as Swift for a Halloween party this past weekend. Little did we all know, when she tagged the singer in her Instagram picture, Swift would actually respond to said picture. To say I’m jealous would be an understatement.


Also, I’m already a huge college football fan, so it is great that Swift will perform at halftime of the College Football Playoff championship in early January. While I hope Ohio State is in that game, that halftime performance will be a must-watch no matter what.

With all that said, part of the reason why I’m not as big of a fan of her as I once was is because of her music. Old School Taylor Swift is much better than the new style. Either way, I still love her.

There are plenty of great, storied traditions in college sports, and even sports as a whole. With that said, nothing compares to college football’s newest (and best) tradition, Iowa’s “The Wave”. No, this isn’t talking about that horrible wave that takes place in a baseball stadium near you. WFNY’s Jessica Forrester did a tremendous job going in depth about how “The Wave” started and what it means, Ohio State and Buckeye Nation will get a first-hand look at it this weekend. With Ohio State taking on the Hawkeyes in Kinnick Stadium Saturday afternoon, it will be the first time the Buckeyes get to take part in the best tradition in sports.

If you’re planning on watching the game, it will take place following the end of the first quarter. In case you’re not going to watch the game, I suggest at least tuning in to ESPN around 4:00-4:15 just to watch “The Wave” take place. In case you missed it, on College GameDay earlier this season, ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi did a great job in showing just how important (and awesome) The Wave really is. It may seem like something so little, but to those kids in the children’s hospital looking over Kinnick Stadium, that one little gesture means so much. I suggest grabbing a couple tissues prior to watching the documentary. It’s sad, but it’s a must-watch.

While Craig handed over the WWW keys to me on this Friday morning, don’t forget to listen to him and WKYC’s Ben Axelrod talk about the Browns, A.J. McCarron, Jimmy Garappolo, Sashi Brown, and of course #SellTheBrowns in the latest WFNY podcast.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy one of the last weekends we have with somewhat decent weather, y’all!

  1. Editor’s note: we have no idea how much Jeff paid Josh to make that statement. []