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Your Cleveland Browns Have Done It Again: While We’re Waiting

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In the event you thought an 0-8 record coupled with multiple quarterback changes and outright lying about sending text messages to would-have-been quarterbacks at the NFL Draft was going to be the signature moment of the Cleveland Browns’ 2017 season well do we have news for you: It got worse.

As if missing out on Jimmy Garoppolo (and finding out about the deal from coaches after allegedly leaving the facility at 5 p.m. the day before the trade deadline) wasn’t bad enough, the Browns not only failed to better themselves at said deadline, but are left looking once again like the most inept franchise in the entire league after a botched trade led to two teams pointing fingers, but only one getting the benefit of the doubt.

To put this entire situation in perspective, that the Browns were willing to pay more for A.J. McCarron than the asking price for Garoppolo ranks fourth or fifth on the list of Are You Kidding Me?

According to multiple reports, the Bengals and Browns agreed to a deal that would send McCarron to Cleveland, only the Browns failed to hold up to their end of the clerical deal in getting the trade approval to the league by the deadline.

Aside: I’ve long hated — haaaated — the concept that teams believe they have to wait until the 11th hour to get a trade done. The Mark Shapiro Indians were famous for this, waiting until the day of the deadline to address needs while other teams used the weeks prior to do so. If you know you have a weakness, address that weakness. That you waited until 3:55 p.m. to finalize a deal speaks more to your capabilities in negotiating than anything.

As the deal was botched, reports immediately began to swirl, detailing the Browns’ ineptness throughout the situation. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the team even tried to protest to the league office that the deal should be allowed under the just invented My Bad clause. It wasn’t until three hours later when several local reporters were given “information” that it was the Bengals who messed things up. In a clear effort to cover their ass and not look as disjointed as they did throughout the prior 48 hours, the Browns tried to say they sent their information to the Bengals, but the Bengals didn’t send in both documents (theirs and Cleveland’s) to the league.

This immediately reeked of fish as the Bengals, as stated in all reports, held up their end of the submission. If if the plan was for the Browns to sign their form and send to the Bengals to sign and submit, how would the league get one with only the Bengals’ affirmation on it?

Now you won’t believe this, but the Browns, in disseminating that story which took three hours to conjure up, may not have been telling the truth. Turns out, if it looks like Dysfunction, and smells like Dysfunction, there’s probably some dysfunction.

Here’s Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk:

There’s one small problem with that excuse. That’s not how trades are communicated to the league. And every key member of every front office knows, or should know, the proper procedure.

Per multiple league sources, a trade becomes official only when both teams independently communicate the trade to the league office. It definitely doesn’t happen as the Browns claim they tried to do it, with chain of communication involving one team sending a form to the other team, which then signs the form and sends it to the league.

And so here are the potential explanations for what’s going on. One, the Browns are lying about what happened to cover up their incompetence. Two, the Browns are telling the truth and are genuinely incompetent. Three, the Browns deliberately sent the paperwork to the Bengals and not to the league office in order to keep the trade from happening, with a premeditated “did I do that?” already in place.

So if you’re keeping score, not only were the Browns asleep at the Trade Deadline wheel while a quarterback they wanted during the draft process was dealt for a pick in which they have plenty of, they didn’t manage to acquire a wide receiver (Kelvin Benjamin was dealt to Buffalo), nor did they manage to FILE PAPERWORK IN TIME to get a quarterback in whom they apparently place plenty of value.

The best part of this all: This is the bye week it’s supposed to be down time away from an organization that has managed to go 1-23 during a period where parity is so high that the 14 of the 16 AFC teams have at least three wins with 13 of 16 NFC teams having the same. Think about this: 27 of 32 NFL teams have more wins through the first eight weeks of this season than the Browns have in one-and-a-half years.

When Hue Jackson takes to the podium before Week 10, he’ll be littered with questions about this situation. Odds are he’ll tap dance around the entire thing while the front office who was to blame for this entire situation remains silent. It’s almost like they think people will forget about these sorts of gaffes while the truth is they only move down the list of ineptness once something more egregious takes place.

Has anyone checked on Jimmy Haslam?

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