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Buckeyes release trailer for emotional Senior Day vs. Illinois

Long Live The Brotherhood has been the theme for much of the season, but that has become even more apparent in the last couple games when the Ohio State Buckeyes have worn undershirts that say it, which they future proudly while warming up prior to the game. Win or lose, they are brothers, and the players will never forget that through the lowest of lows and highest of highs this season.

Part of the reason why this group has such great leadership is because of the seniors. For those players, they will be playing their last game at Ohio Stadium Saturday afternoon. Although it’s expected to be a blowout, it will be an emotional day in Columbus due to some very important players playing their last game at the Shoe. Whether they are seniors who will be forced to leave school or juniors or redshirt sophomores who will decide to leave school early and take their talents to the NFL, there will be plenty of players who will be playing their last home game Saturday afternoon.

Locked in arms, the trailer starts by showing the Brotherhood, all while something is said in the background.

“You only got so many more games in this 2017 season. Do not let a day go by, a play go by, what are you going to do with it?,” the voice says.

It then shoots to a close-up of prominent seniors on the team: quarterback J.T. Barrett, defensive end Tyquan Lewis, center Billy Price, safety Damon Webb, left tackle Jamarco Jones, linebacker Chris Worley, tight end Marcus Baugh, defensive end Jalyn Holmes, and defensive tackle Tracy Sprinkle.

“Four to six, A to B, for your brother, and we will dominate,” a voice echoes while showing plenty of highlights of the Buckeyes before, during, and after their game. Some of it you can see on your television screen during the game, some of it is behind the scenes that you will only see if you watch the video.

“Big Ten in November. Let’s go get one. Look your teammates right to left. It’s going down.” head coach Urban Meyer tells his players.

The trailer then cuts to a handful of bone-crunching, touchdown-making, earth-shattering hits and plays before ending the video with Barrett putting his helmet on one last time in the Shoe.

Saturday’s game isn’t expected to be close, but for many Ohio State players and even fans, it will be an emotional afternoon on Senior Day.

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