The Cavs Are Back, Let’s Dunk On Some Fools: WFNY Video Shorts

There is nothing quite like the NBA. The sport features the best athletes in the world being put in some of the most incredible and intense moments in all of sports. The highlight reels and rivalries and storylines are, in my opinion, the best of any professional sport. It doesn’t have to be your favorite sport, but it’s hard to deny that in terms of pure drama, the NBA is king. But it doesn’t just rest on that. It throws in some of the weirdest, quirkiest, most hilarious storylines. LeBron James will dazzle on the court, in the business world, make waves with political statements, and then sip wine while eating a cinnamon roll on a TV tray in his driveway. The NBA has everything.

But it’s not just that the NBA is great, it’s that this Cavaliers team is great even within that context. We’re witnessing a four-year run unlike anything we’ll likely see again. LeBron James is maybe the greatest player of all time, playing on the best teams the Cavaliers have ever assembled. Barring injury, this team is almost assured to play in the championship game for a fourth straight season.

And they are wildly entertaining. J.R. Smith is on this team! He’s worth it by himself. But you also get LeBron’s oddities, and Kevin Love’s goofball sense of humor. Channing Frye gives us a peak behind the curtain with his social accounts. Dwyane Wade’s dry sense of humor. Iman Shumpert’s dancing. I have a theory in sports that I want my teams to either be good or entertaining. The Cavaliers are both. They are one of the best teams in the league and one of the most likeable. We shouldn’t take that for granted.

We also shouldn’t take for granted the opportunity to dunk on opposing fans. LeBron might leave after this year. He’s done if before. So we need to soak up every single second of being the dominant force in our rivalries with teams like the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards. If there’s anything we know as Cleveland fans, it’s that people are going to take shots at us whenever they can. We might as well get ours in, too.

Here’s me getting maybe a little TOO excited about the NBA season, but I hope you’re as pumped up for this season as I am to share it with all of you.