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Ohio State releases trailer for game against Penn State (Video)

In case you may not have known due to a lack of being on social media, the Ohio State Buckeyes will be rocking alternate jerseys Saturday afternoon when they host No. 2 Penn State—arguably the biggest game of the regular season for both teams, and one of the best in college football.

Unlike other alternates in the past, outside of a scarlet Block O, the jersey and helmet will not have any scarlet on them. Instead, the Buckeyes will make up for it by donning scarlet Buckeye Leafs on their helmets and scarlet LeBron’s on their feet.


Why all gray and black, you ask? It goes back to the 2016 “Land of the Wolves” theme.

In the latest hype trailer ahead of the matchup between two of the country’s best, the Ohio State video and graphic team has outdone themselves once again. To start things off, the trailer shows a wolf, and right when it looks up at you, that’s when the excitement begins.

“Remember this day for a long time. This will be the team we talk about. Make this be that team. Make this be that moment,” head coach Urban Meyer tells his team in the locker room.

After Meyer is seen getting his players ready, a series of words appear: Defend Your House, Take What’s Yours, Avenge Your Honor, Unleash Hell. In between each statement, the Ohio Stadium is seen (and heard) chanting O-H-I-O.

“Every single one of us. Every single snap. Be a dog. That’s what we are, are dogs. We work all freaking summer and winter for times like this,” star quarterback J.T. Barrett yells to his team.

The video then includes plenty of bone-crunching hits, touchdown-making plays, and big-time moments during the first seven games of the season so far, with a lot of the hard-hitting plays being against the opposing quarterbacks.

“Keep in your mind: I’ve never wanted to whoop a man so bad,” Meyer tells his team in the locker room to close the video. While the head coach obviously wasn’t talking about the Penn State game in the highlight, there’s a reason why this was placed in the video. Meyer and the Buckeyes are not only looking for revenge, but Ohio State is also looking to prove that despite their early-season loss to Oklahoma, they are still one of the best teams in the country.

Although you may want to run through a wall after watching this epic trailer, you’ll have to wait. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. ET Saturday afternoon.

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