Crew, Guns N Roses, and Downsizing: While We’re Waiting


Happy Friday everyone. Thanks for coming to our website. Here’s hoping I can kick off the weekend right with a late-night WWW fueled by my first opportunity to ever see Guns ‘N Roses! So let’s talk about soccer. No. Really.

The Columbus Crew had the most amazing 0-0 game I’ve seen in a long time…

We don’t talk about the Crew here, but they’re top of mind at the moment because their owner is pretty much ripping them out of our fair state. Columbus had to beat Atlanta in the knockout round of the playoffs to advance and the ball just kept ricocheting off the bar for both teams all game long. I know many will say that scoreless soccer is boring, and I really do understand why that might be for some casual fans. Just like in baseball, “chicks dig the longball,” etc. But this game was tense. Despite the ball never going in the net, it could have on many occasions with phenomenal chances. In the end, it was decided with the ultra-dramatic penalty kicks. Check it out.

Guns N’ Roses was kind of meh and kind of amazing at the same time…

Last night I fulfilled a lifelong mission to see Axl Rose and the boys play a live show. Slash and Duff are back with Axl and they played more than 30 songs and three hours on a Thursday night at The Q. It was a show that had plenty of highlights, but it wasn’t without its down moments, unfortunately.

I never thought I would say this, but they played too damn long. 33 songs was just too many as it included covers, jams, guitar solos and songs from Chinese Democracy. I’m not one to tell a band not to play their catalog, but it felt weird to hear Chinese Democracy songs with Slash on stage, seeing as he wasn’t even a part of the making of that album. On top of that, Axl’s voice just couldn’t keep up for the duration of the marathon set. That’s not me taking a shot at him, but maybe reduce the degree of difficulty by playing for two more consistent hours.

Criticisms in the rearview, the show delivered some amazing moments. I never thought I would get to hear songs from the Illusion albums live like Don’t Cry, Estranged, and of course November Rain. I never thought I would see Paradise City, Sweet Child O’ Mine, or Patience either. Much like I lived moments singing Hey Jude with Paul McCartney and Hunger Strike with Chris Cornell, there’s something about singing Knockin on Heaven’s Door with Axl leading the chorus. Even with it being kind of a mixed bag, when you get a moment like that in your concert-going experience it’s all worth it.

Downsizing looks awesome…

This movie looks like it will be amazingly good. It’s Matt Damon, and it’s a concept that will make people think while also having fun. What if you could agree to shrink yourself, take up much less space on the planet and also live like one of the richest people in the world in exchange?