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Browns pass on AJ McCarron at the deadline

Perhaps the most active trade deadline in NFL history has come and gone quietly for the Cleveland Browns. That’s not to say opportunity wasn’t there for the Browns to make a move to impact their currently dreadful quarterback situation. Browns fans watched the San Francisco 49ers swipe Jimmy Garoppolo for a second-round pick, so anymore quarterback news was sure to fire up the masses. Enter ESPN’s Adam Schefter right before today’s 4pm deadline. Schefter sent out a slew of tweets referencing a possible deal between the Browns and Bengals centered around Cincinnati’s backup quarterback AJ McCarron.

The deal seems to have firmly been in place before something happened. At first, news was unclear whether the Bengals failed to make it happen or the Browns. Schefter later cleared it up as it was the Browns who decided against the move.

There is a clear connection between head coach Hue Jackson and McCarron as Jackson was formerly the Bengals offensive coordinator prior to taking the helm in Cleveland. McCarron will be entering free agency after the 2017 season – whether restricted or unrestricted is still to be decided. He could potentially join the Browns in the offseason as a free agent, but this doesn’t make up for what happened in the minutes leading up to Tuesday’s deadline.

It remains unclear what the Browns plan to do with their quarterback situation, but it is obvious they are looking for answers. The news also displays they lack the necessary faith in current placeholder DeShone Kizer. Browns quarterbacks have passed out 17 interceptions in just eight games, and the group is under immense fan base scrutiny due to the front office’s decisions to pass on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. It’s currently unclear which side of the front office or coaching staff divide this decision to pass on McCarron came from. The Browns will set their sights on solving the problem in the 2018 offseason, whether it be through the draft, free agency, or via a trade.