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The State of the Cavaliers with Chopz: WFNY Video Shorts

While there’s only one familiar face that will be missing from the Cavaliers’ locker room, the Cavaliers are certain to have an entirely new look this season. The obvious changes will be at point guard, as Isaiah Thomas replaces Kyrie Irving. Or, at least, he will someday. Thomas is currently recovering from a hip injury that doesn’t have a timetable. There’s also Jae Crowder; the versatile defender who hit 40 percent of this three pointers last season. Hanging over all of this, of course, is the unprotected first rounder from the Brooklyn Nets that could be used in a blockbuster trade this season or to kick-start a rebuild should LeBron James take his talents elsewhere next season. On a smaller scare there’s the addition of Cedi Osman and a full season of Kyle Korver. The Cavaliers are in a state of flux.

And yet, there’s little competition coming from the Eastern Conference. Boston improved with the Kyrie Irving trade, but have seen most of their depth exit in an offseason that also saw them add Gordon Hayward. While Boston’s potential is much higher than in previous seasons, there are major questions about their roster outside of their star players. Old favorites like the Washington Wizards and Toronto Raptors have done little to close the gap in the East, and sport teams that are mostly capped out on improvement. The lone team that could cause issues in the East is Milwaukee, who is young and has a lot to prove to reach the level of the teams that have sat at the top of the East for the last few years.

Jeff Nomina was joined by Chopz to break down all of the various angles of this Cavaliers season. Chopz is one of the more prominent voices of the famed #CavsTwitter and is as plugged in to the current happenings with the Cavaliers as anyone.

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