Reaction to Browns’ 24-10 loss to Ravens: WFNY Video Shorts

You can’t rush it. The Cleveland Browns may have come out and looked like a force against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1, but they are still a young team, as evidenced but the 24-10 beating served by the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2.

The Browns are a young team that is navigating a transition to the NFL together. While there is talent and flashes, it will likely take some time to develop consistency. The lack of veterans outside of Joe Thomas likely highlights these flaws, as there are very few positions where you can simply count on a guy being where he is supposed to be on any given play. But the talent is obvious, and the growing pains expected, even if they aren’t pleasant.

This week was a setback for DeShone Kizer. He struggled with accuracy and turnovers throughout the entire game. He missed a portion of the contest while getting treated for a migraine, making it impossible to separate his performance from his medical condition. If you’ve ever suffered a migraine, the idea of playing in a packed stadium making instant decisions while being pummeled is not exactly an ideal scenario. Still, his performance was not idea.

Another question mark coming out of this game was Hue Jackson. The play calling was suspect, there were far too many penalties, and the decision to put Kizer back in the game after seeing his performance early will remain a question. There is reason to trust in Hue and have confidence in his ability, but it would be difficult to say he’s had a particularly strong start to the season.

Below is my quick take on the game and what it means moving forward. With the schedule lightening up, hopefully the Browns can build back some confidence and start putting together solid performances from beginning to end.

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